Violet Evergarden: Eternity and Auto Memory Doll – Anime Movie Review

‘’I will travel anywhere to meet your request. I am Auto Memory Doll. Violet Evergarden at your service.’’

As viewers may remember from the TV Series, Violet Evergarden is about moving on from tragedy. She is a soldier who had lost someone that meant so much to her. As a result, she started working as a Doll who writes and deliver letters, and along her journey, comes to learn the true meaning to love someone. 

This movie mainly takes place after Violet has gotten high praise for her work. She continues her journey as a Doll, living her life to the fullest. This is where you can see how she carries herself as her character grows and develops, which allows her to empathise with people. 


The movie is split into two parts. The first part focuses on a young lady that sold her future in exchange for what is precious to her.The second part focuses on a young orphan who aspires to be a postman despite not knowing how to read or write, but strongly believes in one thing:

‘’Postmen deliver happiness.’’

Even though the pacing of the character development can be slow at times, and there is a weak transition between two stories, regardless in Violet Evergarden’s defense, it’s still worth a watch. 


Needless to say, Violet Evergarden is one of Kyoto Animation’s most beautiful productions ever, and that remains the same for Eternity and Auto Memory Doll.The movie retains the same unique, melancholic ambiance that made the anime famous, giving audiences an ineffable reaction to the movie.

There is something about the movie that suspended your sense of disbelief. Audiences rode the same waves of emotions as the characters, and this is where Kyoto Animation truly excelled. They made the little moments seems real and relatable in our daily lives.


There was quite an amount of humour involved which created an emotional roller coaster ride. Though the movie did cover a few different time period, it allows the audience to enjoy the development of the introduced characters. One second you’re laughing at one’s purity, the next second you can’t help but to feel sad. 

Side note: There was quite a lot of screen time for Benedict this time! Fans of his will definitely love the extra cuts from his point of view while delivering letters, and of course, seeing him in action with his favourite high heel boots!


The music composition hits the right spots with mixtures of string and brass music bringing out a classical feel, which fits the first part of the movie especially well. There was a particular part where the soundtrack had a mixture of typewriter clicking sounds, which was a nice touch calling back to the major theme of writing in the movie

The end credit song was sung by Minori Chihara, titled Amy. It was absolutely emotional and charming. The song relates back the story of the young lady and the young child who aspires to be a postman, and gives off bittersweet feelings. Though, I felt it would be better if it was placed towards the ending instead of at the end credits of the movie, which would enhance the emotion and brings you a wave of sentimental feelings.  


Overall, it was a movie to enjoy with some tear jerking moments that most certainly played with my heart a little. 

There’s no doubt that how art can speak to viewers on another level. Even when time passes, we drift apart but the letter contains our feelings and remains in this world. Those feelings will always remain in our hearts and live within us.

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