Lawak Kampus Animated Series In The Making By Lil Critter Workshop

18 years has passed since the first volume of Lawak Kampus was published. And at last, the well-loved series is finally getting its own animated series!

Kadokawa Gempak Starz has given Lil Critter Workshop great authority: The rights to create an animated TV series for the popular local comic series! With the official announcement on January 26, the news took the Malaysian animation community by storm.

Who is Lil Critter Workshop?

Lil Critter Workshop is a local full-service production house that specialises in content creation, development, as well as 2D animation. It was founded by Walid Omar, the company’s Executive Producer back in 2013 and boasts 320 episodes of animation and Flash and Harmony pipelines, with seven Intellectual Properties (IPs) on its plate.

Besides, with the acknowledgement of its global services and original IP development, as well as production on platforms such as Cartoon Network, Netflix, CITV and Discovery Kids, Lil Critter Workshop has been discerned as a producer to watch at MIPTV 2020.

What Do We Know About The Animation So Far?

First off, here’s a short introduction for those who might not be familiar with the said series. Keith Chong, the creator of Lawak Kampus is the man responsible for Lawak Kampus’ enduring success. The series illustrates the common lifestyle of a high school student, including a mix of different student habits and problems. The comic has a variety of original characters, as well as comic-fied celebrities like Colonel Sanders and Bill Gates.

Besides, the series is available in Malay, English and Chinese. With the variety of languages, Lawak Kampus is not only very well received in Malaysia, but is also enjoyed by the overseas audience in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and China.

The animated TV series will consist of ten-minute laugh out loud episodes, which targets kids and families around the Asia-Pacific region. Relationships, inclusion and self-acceptance during one’s schooling period are themes that the series will be focusing on.  

Berita gembira untuk kipas-susah-mati semua!Komik Lawak Kampus bakal diadaptasi ke siri animasi yang akan disiarkan…

Posted by GEMPAK STARZ on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Walid Omar, Executive Producer of Lil Critter Workshop said that, “We thank Kadokawa Gempak Starz for trusting us to develop these four-panel Malaysian comic treasure. The opportunity to introduce new audiences to the world of Lawak Kampus is a dream come true for our team. We will have lots of fun developing this truly Malaysian collection of colourful and crazy characters into animated life.”

In response, “The folks here at Kadokawa Gempak Starz are highly anticipating the production of ‘Lawak Kampus.’ We have full faith in the creatives at Lil Critter Workshop when it comes to transforming our legendary comic for TV audiences,” said Chris Yew, CEO of Kadokawa Gempak Starz.

Overall, the animated TV series will undoubtly attract a large-scale audience with the increasing demand for anime and existing fanbase of Lawak Kampus.

Lil Critter Workshop sees the animation of Lawak Kampus as a welcoming challenge. This is no small achievement for the team and we would like to wish them all the best with this project! Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more updates to come!

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