Tom Hardy’s Venom Finally Makes His Full Appearance In Latest Trailer

Source: VENOM – Official Trailer 2

It’s been 3 months since we saw the first official trailer of Sony’s newest comic book movie, and while it did provide some answers regarding the nature of the plot, it still felt very much like a teaser as it never fully displayed the titular character.

Instead, fans were treated to some exposition scenes featuring lead actor Tom Hardy’s performance as Eddie Brock (the host of the Venom symbiote) as he becomes ensnared in a sinister plot and demonstrates signs of the symbiote’s powers. With only Venom’s face making a brief appearance at the very end of the trailer.

With the latest trailer released on the official Sony Pictures Entertainment Youtube channel just yesterday, we finally get to see the fully realised form of Venom in brand new snippets of several action scenes from the movie.

While your mileage may vary depending on how much you enjoy over the top CG in comic book movies, we’re definitely excited to see that Venom looks suitably menacing for his feature debut, looking far more visceral and lethal than his appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

We don’t want to spoil the hype with any screenshots, so hit the link to enjoy the newest trailer for yourself!

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Youtube

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