What BL Manhwa To Read On Tappytoon

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it over and over again: Manhwas have really been killing it recently! With their vibrantly coloured art and interesting plot, it is no wonder that manhwas are getting more and more popular. Thus far, I’ve been recommending BL comics from Lezhin, but there exists many different webcomic platforms that also publishes BL comics such as Netcomics, Foxtoon, Tappytoon, and so on.

In this article, we’ll be looking at BL manhwas on Tappytoon! One major difference that I found between Tappytoon and Lezhin is that Tappytoon censors the adult scenes, which I’m sure that most people would be unhappy about. But thanks to the English translated versions in Tappytoon, I’d go without the adult scenes any day, rather than not being able to read the comics at all. So let’s get into it!

1. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Author: Bamwoo

‘Once young friends, Haebom and Taesung have grown distant after tragedy brought them under one roof as family almost 10 years ago. Things get more complicated in their last year of high school as now they’re… classmates too?!’

Currently in its second season, Cherry Blossoms After Winter is known to most readers as a manhwa filled with fluffy interactions and adorable characters (namely Haebom). The focus of the first season was mainly between the relationship between Haebom and Taesung as they overcame their misunderstandings that occurred due to lack of communication throughout the years. It’s definitely worth a read, and Season 2 is looking to be even better!

Link: https://www.tappytoon.com/series/cherrybaw/1

2. Work, Fight and Love

Source: lezhin.com/ko

Author: Yoo Hajin

‘Soohan likes his uneventful days working at a small ad agency. But when new guy Taeyeol from a big-shot ad firm joins the team, all his quirks gets on Soohan’s nerves – most especially the undeniably good looks that remind him of his first love…’

Coming from the same author as Totally Captivated (a classic manhwa), I had high expectations for Work, Fight, and Love, and thus far, I have not been disappointed. While the art can be slightly rigid at times, the art style’s uniqueness (which makes it easy to identify Yoo Hajin’s works) alongside its interesting plot makes up for that tiny flaw. What I really enjoy about this series is how the author doesn’t rush into getting the main characters together ASAP, and really focuses on the plot and character development. One of many reasons why you should be checking out this manhwa if you haven’t already.

Link: https://www.tappytoon.com/series/workfightlove/1

3. Tied Up in Twins

Source: lezhin.com/ko

Author: Red Shoes, Racking

‘Sarang loves Jinwoo, Jinwoo loves Woojung, and Woojung loves… you get the idea. But after a mix-up of affections and tangled signals, can they find a happy ending stuck between love and friendship, or will even family bonds be lost in heartache?’

Love triangles have always been confusing, but bring in a set of twins and it becomes even more complicated. To be honest, the synopsis above downplays the actual extent of the love triangle (or should I say pentagon?) as it involves more than the characters stated. This webcomic starts off slightly angsty as each character faces issues in regards to their love life, but as it progresses and things settle down, you’ll find that this manhwa is actually full of fluff and comedy. While this manhwa is lacking in terms of plot execution and can be really cliché at times, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying it!

Link: https://www.tappytoon.com/series/tieduptwins/1

Others: Dress Him Up, Curious Recipe

And that’s it for our recommendations on BL manhwas to check out on Tappytoon! While the main recommendations are still ongoing, they are definitely worth trying out if you’re seeking for new webcomics to follow. If you’d rather wait for the manhwa to be completed, why not check out the other comics listed?

Also, did we miss out on any of your favourites? Let us know what you think in the comments below and feel free to send in your own recommendations on what we should read!

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