3 Webcomics You Won’t Believe Are Free-To-Read

Image Source: https://tapas.io/series/apricotcookies

When it comes to manga and webcomics, piracy is a big issue. With few legitimate methods of reading them for free, many people resort to illegal measures to save a quick buck. However, one website and application I’ve discovered recently eliminates that problem, at least partially.

Tapastic is an online platform that allows users to publish their own work and earn rewards. At the same time, keeping most of their user-generated content free for consumers to enjoy. Here are a few great ones to start you off on your comic adventure!


1. Countdown to Countdown by Vel

Image Source: https://tapas.io/series/Countdown

A total visual spectacle, this comic was the reason I started using Tapastic in the first place. The story surrounds a young man named Iris, who has the gift to bring art to life. After being imprisoned in a lab for “problem children”, suffering numerous years of experimentation and destabilised mental health, he is starting to think life can’t get any worse. That is, until he meets Lilium. The comic artist explained that the webcomic was initially supposed to be a video game, but was eventually scrapped in favour of a comic instead. This explains all the familiar video game elements you can find scattered throughout the comic.


2. Fictional Skin by Kristina Nguyen

Image Source: http://hakuku.deviantart.com/art/Fictional-Skin-New-Webcomic-607409110

If you aren’t acquainted with the name Kristina Nguyen, maybe you’re more familiar with her portfolio. Most prominently, she worked on the animated series RWBY for Rooster Teeth, on which she served as Art Director for Season 2 and Concept Artist for both Season 1 and 3. Her first original work Fictional Skin tells the tale of Finn, an aspiring comic artist who finds inspiration in his cousin Vivi’s hijinks with her classmate, Jinsei. But little to his knowledge, he’s about to become more involved in their relationship than he thought.


3. Apricot Cookie(s)! by Louistrations

Image Source: https://tapas.io/series/apricotcookies

I am seldom impressed by parodies, but this series is amazing. From artstyle to story execution to character design, I am thoroughly drawn in by this webcomic. It is set in a universe where all schoolgirls are able to transform into magical girls, and all guys are deck wielders once they reach the right age. And of course, its main character is Apricot, the only Japanese schoolgirl who cannot transform into a magical girl. Hijinks ensue.


BONUS: Nice To Meet You by Wishroomness

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/wishr00mNess

I stumbled upon this series randomly while searching for something new to read, so imagine my surprise when I found out this was created by a Malaysian, what more someone from our ACG community! You may be familiar with the name Wishroomness from the several conventions she’s been to, but even if you’re not, this is a great place to begin. Nice To Meet You is a sweet and light-hearted love story featuring Mew, our bubbly, air-headed main character, and “Daisy”, her new friend.

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