League of Legends: Akali Rework

I make problems disappear

Love Ramen? Love to make your enemies disappear? Love to play a champ that’s probably going to be perma-banned the moment it’s released? Boy, do I have a champion for you. Akali rework is finally in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and I must say that now is a good time to main Akali. However, be warned, she is going to have a high learning curve so be prepared to spend hours to git gud.

The core of it all

At the core, she’s still the same recognizable Akali. Lurking in the shadows, jumping out of it and  taking away your life bar before your very eyes. Riot has taken all that and bumped it up to 11. Now she feels so much more ninja-like, shifting and disappearing right before your eyes.

With her passive and shroud, there are two movement skills and this means that it is going to be difficult to pin her down. Not only that, her shroud makes her untargetable even if you can see her with oracle and/or turret. Thanks Riot!

Shuriken Flip (E) gives Akali more avenue to shift and jump around. Marking a target allows you to dash to the target and this works with the shroud as well. If done right, this is a literal representation of disappearing into the shadows.

Source: Comic Book

An assassin can’t be an assassin without the damage. Her ultimate, Perfect Execution now deals both physical and magic damage. There are two dashes to her ultimate, the first dash deals physical damage based on bonus stats and the second, magical damage based on missing health. So an ADC (Attack, Damage, Carry)’s life is going to be way harder on the day of her release.

Akali feels good as she’s got so much depth now in her skillset. She used to be a 1-dimensional champion where she goes in, gets some damage in, shrouds and executes. Now she has options such as: To constantly deal damage with her Five Point Strike (Q) or space it out to maintain high damage output? To use her Shuriken Flip (E) as a gap closer or an escape tool? Immediately dash a second time on her Perfect Execution (R) or weave with her passive to get her next damage empowered?

All in all, any champion that gets me fan art like this, is okay in my book. Go check out Platinum Crow for more amazing fan art and to learn more of her rework, head on over to the official reveal site.

Source: Platinum Crow

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