Manga Highlight: Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Artist: Akasaka Aka

Chapters: 147

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Romance


Kaguya Shinomiya is the President of the Student Council of the incredibly prestigious Shuchi’in Academy, while Miyuki Shirogane is the Vice President of the Student Council. Both are geniuses among geniuses in their own right and have asserted their positions in the school as the best of the best.

The time they spent together in the Student Council have caused them to develop feelings for each other but their pride and ego will not allow themselves to be the first one to confess to the other. Love is War and the Student Council Room is the battlefield! Follow them in their many hilarious schemes to make the other confess.

What you need to know about Kaguya-sama: Love is War

#1. A romantic comedy, that’s more about comedy

This manga is a romantic comedy from the get-go, but because of the plot of trying to make the other person confess, the premise of the manga tends to be more comedy than romance. Their antics and schemes for confession is more often than not hilarious and awkward as both wants to confess but won’t because of their own pride.

The author/narrator seems to know a lot about romance and comedy as each chapter although progressing the storyline of the two characters are in its own hysterical in its own way. There is not one chapter that can be found not without any comedy.

#2. Hilarious portrayals with real character growth

The cuteness of the characters really shows from the drawings and the portrayal of their awkward but prideful personalities. The actions of the two main characters are made even more hilarious with the chaotic nature of the Secretary, Chika Fujiwara who has no regard for anything.

As the manga goes on, the characters grow not only themselves but with each other and begin opening up to their own feelings.

#3. A light-hearted series that never tires

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is an easy-going manga that isn’t heavy on the plot and plays on the same theme throughout the entire plot up until now. The rivalry of the confessions between the main characters goes on and on but never tires out as they edge closer and closer to being together.

Trivia about Kaguya-sama: Love is War

  1. The manga also has two other spin-offs by two different writers. The spin-off manga are also comedies but tell the tale from different perspectives.
  2. The manga already has an anime adaptation that ran for 12 episodes and a live action film adaptation in the works scheduled to premiere somewhere in September 2019.
  3. This title was an incredibly popular romance manga even before the anime adaptation was released, with more than 3.5 million copies sold.
  4. Unlike other romance manga, Love is War has no harem and/or much ecchi scenes as most of the scene revolves more around the conflict of confessing and the comedy.
Screenshot from the anime adaptation

Verdict: READ IT!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is arguably one of the best romance comedy manga I have ever read throughout my lifetime of reading manga. Not only is the romance between the protagonists sweet and adorable, the comedic punch lines are perfect on the timing. This blend of awkward romance and hilarious gestures of the characters bring a perfect blend of everyday school life between them. It is a manga I highly regard and one you should read as well!

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