Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | Patch 1.3.80 Highlights and a Domino’s Giveaway!

On the 24th of May 2019, the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) YouTube channel has uploaded a new episode of Inside Mobile Legends which featured the changes made for the upcoming 1.3.80 patch. The video in itself is 3:32 minutes long but covers game-changing updates that may shift the current meta.

Revamped Hero:

Zhask (Role: Mage / Push)

If you don’t know this hero or forgot he existed don’t worry, we all did forget about him. The only reason I know about this hero from the start is because I got him once in a Brawl match. Safe to say that he was no fun at all with abilities more than my brain can handle and your screen can fit and zero mobility, there was literally no reason for us to pick this hero unless we wanted to lose or promote in-game trolling (which we don’t by the way).


Cooldown 16.0  Mana Cost 100

Zhask’s revamp allows him to fuse with his Nightmaric Spawn making it impossible to damage him until the Nightmaric Spawn is killed or he decides to leave it.


Cooldown 8.0  Mana Cost 50

Fires penetrating mental missile at the targeted direction, all enemies in the path will take 400 (+210% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage. The Nightmaric Spawn will also cast Mind Eater once. During the fusion with the Nightmaric Spawn, it will stun enemies directly and deal damage.


Cooldown 10.0  Mana Cost 60

In the targeted direction release a swarm of Nightmaric Clones, they will explode on contact with enemies dealing 140 (+50% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and for 3 seconds will reduce enemy movement speeds by 80%, if they do not come into contact with enemies, they will burrow into the ground and then attack by passing enemies. While fused with the Nightmaric Spawn, Zhask releases triple the number of Nightmaric Clones.


Cooldown 60.0  Mana Cost 200

Substantially enhances the powers of the Nightmaric Spawn, increasing all the attributes. The enhancement scales with level. Additionally, using this ability while fused with the Nightmaric Spawn will cause Zhask to leave the Nightmaric Spawn’s body.

Conclusion: Zhask is now more tanky, deals more damage and has more mobility. Just ban him like the other 96453423 mages we keep banning in rank.

Revamped: Credit System Update

The Credit Score system now gives you bonus bp and an exclusive emote based on your credit score rank. This system now has 5 ranks:

Very Low (0-59) – you can only play vs. A.I.
Low (60-89) – you can play classic mode
Medium (90-99) – you can play rank
High (100-109) – TBA
Highest (110) – you get an exclusive emote

Each of these ranks will decide how much bonus battle points (bp) you can get per week with 5% bonus bp per match being the minimum gain and 10% bonus bp being the maximum you can get per match. All bonuses will be shown at the post-match screen for the user to keep track of their bonus bp gain.

New Feature: Skin Upgrades

This feature will allow players to upgrade certain skins into higher tier skins of the same hero by letting them pay only a part of the price of the skin. This feature was shown in the events tab twice before this patch under the name of “Skin Upgrade”. The first time we saw this feature was with the release of Lunox’s Cosmic Harmony skin which was obtainable for the users by upgrading the Lunox – Bloody Mary skin and a payment of 284 diamonds (previously 419 diamonds with 30% off during release).

This feature is now permanent in the shop and you will be able to upgrade your skins to higher tier ones which means you will win more because we all know the MLBB Victory formula, the more expensive the skin, the higher your chance to win is. As I have already tested this theory myself in rank (Mythical Glory, Rank 1 Claude player) and I stand by this theory no matter what you say.

New Feature: Charisma

Charisma is the extra version of likes. Now you can gift your friends some new items from the shop that will increase their charisma. Watch the video for more details on this.

New Feature: Hero/Item Gifting

You can now gift your friends emotes and heroes, yes, heroes. However, all gifts can only be bought using diamonds including the heroes.

New Feature: Domino’s Giveaway Contest

By far, the most anticipated feature of this patch that is not related to this patch at all.

Giveaway Mechanics:
. ‘Like’ THE MAGIC RAIN and Domino’s Pizza Malaysia on Facebook
2. Comment your MLBB main
3. 50 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win Domino’s voucher
4. Out of the 50 winners, 3 lucky winners will also get a Domino’s Express card

For more information about the patch from the source, watch this video:
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