Commute With Our Guest Conductors – Le Josette, Tsuyu-SEI, Eiji 瑛司, Dreaming Ashley, Munchy-Chan Desu, 麦Mai, and Yoake Hikaru!

With only 3 days left until the train arrives for Cosplay Commuter 2018, have you been following our updates on our Facebook event page? We’ve been making lots of exciting announcements over the past few days with performances, activities and one of our highlights for the event – our Guest Conductors, whom participants can stand a chance to be in the same team with!

What are Guest Conductors?

Guest conductors are special guests that we’ve invited to be part of your Cosplay Commuter experience! If you win a spot in their team, you gain the opportunity to spend the entire day with them.


Who are our Guest Conductors for Cosplay Commuter 2018?

Le Josette

A full-time streamer, cosplayer, and e-sports enthusiast, Le Josette is a veteran in the local cosplay scene who may or may not kick your butt at video games. Catch her at Cosplay Commuter and you might even get a glimpse of her awesome gaming skills during the event!



An active cosplayer since 2014, Tsuyu-SEI loves to experiment and explore new make-up and cosplay ideas, down to the fine details of photography, costume- and prop-making. She is also the winner of Coswalk Competition of Cosplay Corner 2017, Season4Otaku 2017, top 5 in Cosmart Post-Off 2017, and has experience participating in a variety of cosplay competitions!


Eiji 瑛司

Known for his charming cosplays that will take your breath away, Eiji 瑛司 has experience competing on the national cosplay stage, emerging as the 2nd runner-up of the World Cosplay Summit Malaysia Skit Competition 2018 and the AniManGaki Cosplay Skit Competition 2016! Don’t forget to check out his cosplay merchandise for sale at Cosplay Commuter!


Munchy-Chan Desu

A renowned hijabi cosplayer in the community, Munchy-Chan Desu is also an artist, costume-maker, and designer talented in singing, dancing, drawing, editing and makeup! Catch her next creative hijab cosplay at Cosplay Commuter!


Dreaming Ashley

Making her grand return as a Guest Conductor is none other than Dreaming Ashley! With more than 7 years of cosplay experience, this veteran cosplayer is most well known for her portrayal of Hatsune Miku. Make your dreams a reality and come meet Ashley during Cosplay Commuter!



The talented 麦Mai can transform from a cute and adorable female character to a charming handsome man in a blink of an eye! She was invited as a guest for Amerin Mall’s 2018 Grand Opening and was also a Cosplay Model for the Sony Cosplay Photography Workshop. Check out some of her cosplay merchandise for sale during Cosplay Commuter!


Yoake Hikaru

With numerous awards and features under her belt, Yoake Hikaru has been around the scene since 2011. She has taken part in competitions, appeared in magazines, newspapers, and even television! On top of that, this hugely talented Guest Conductor also been hired for several events as a cosplay talent, and invited as a cosplay guest!


What will they be doing at Cosplay Commuter?

Our Guest Conductors will be leading teams of approximately 10 to venture into our activities for the day! Just to be clear, at the start of the event, every participant will be allocated to a group of 10-20 people led by one of our quality volunteers. But if you join our Facebook competition, you may stand a chance to be in the same group as one of our special guests, and you will get to enjoy the attention and company of your favourite cosplayer for the entire day.


How do I join their team?

We have announced all our Guest Conductors on THE MAGIC RAIN’s Facebook page, so under the post for your favourite cosplayer, submit in the comments why you want to be part of that Guest Conductor’s team. The lucky winners will be picked from the comments randomly! (NOTE: This competition is open for Facebook comments only. Instagram comments will not qualify.)

We will announce the lucky winners in the comments section of that post, and personal message the winners on Facebook! The announcement date for winners will be stated in the original announcement post itself.

*Do note that at this time, there are a few Guest Conductors whose team winners have already been chosen. But fret not, it is not too late to join some of our other Guest Conductors’ teams! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the deadlines to join each Guest Conductor’s team.

To keep yourselves updated on the latest news, be sure to Like THE MAGIC RAIN’s Facebook page and follow Cosplay Commuter 2018’s Facebook event page as well!

We hope to see you this Saturday at Cosplay Commuter 2018!

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