The Mystic Rain Rolls Out With The Debut Of Four Talented Cosplayers!

The Mystic Rain, the cosplay division of The Magic Rain, recently completed the full reveal of our cosplayers. We are very excited to introduce the four members of The Mystic Rain!


Cosplay Experience: 2 years

Favorite Type of Cosplay: Any character that she can relate to or like in general

Favorite Character: Ravi from iZombie

Fun Fact: Fried chicken is the chicken soup for her soul.



(“You can just call me Pudds!”)

Cosplay Experience: 5 years

Favorite Type of Cosplay: Yanderes, psychopaths, villains and also memes

Hobbies: Painting, learning tarot cards and making study notes

Fun Fact: She played the trombone for 4 years now and is the vice president of her school band. She is also into mysticism and astrology (“oOoOOOOOooo”).



Cosplay Experience: 4 years

Favorite Type of Cosplay: Characters she can relate to and have a “love at first sight” relationship with

Favorite Character: Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Fun Fact: She dislikes pants and love romance.



Leader of The Mystic Rain

Cosplay Experience: 10 years

Favorite Type of Cosplay: Characters that are strong-willed and have good backstories (“oh yisssss”)

Favorite Character: Clementine and Lee from The Walking Dead game

Fun Fact: “I’m not as elegant as I seem.”

Members of The Mystic Rain are cosplayers from Malaysia who share a passion for cosplaying. The group aims to spread positivity and inspire others to take up the hobby of cosplaying, all while making new friends in the community.

Be sure to give The Mystic Rain your support and be on the lookout for exciting new updates on their Facebook page!

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