Tenkuu Shinpan – First Impressions Manga Review


Artist: Miura Tsuina

Chapters: 221 chapters at 24/6/18

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Seinen

Summary: High-school-girl Yuri finds herself on the roof top of a high rise building in a world where people are pushed to die by any means. Yuri goes through many obstacles and strives to survive in effort of finding her brother who is known to be present in that world as well.


What you need to know about Tenkuu Shinpan

1. The events of this manga are fascinating, it keeps the reader immersed and in constant anticipation because there’s always something new around the corner.

2. Very simple but incredibly functional worldbuilding in which the characters can thrive in.

3. Not too big a fan of the borderline, almost incestual feelings Yuri has for her brother. It’s quite a prominent detail of this manga but it’s easily dismissable.

4. Both main and recurring characters are well developed; each have unique personalities and significant development no matter how long they stick around.

5. If there was any manga that I could choose specifically to have an anime adaptation, this would be it.


1. Tenkuu Shinpan was first published on December 5th, 2013 and is serialised on Manga Box.

2. This manga series is written by Miura Tsuina and illustrated by Oba Takahiro.

3. The writer of the manga, Miura Tsuina, is also the author of Ajin: Demi-Human.

4. Its English title is known to be High-rise Invasion.


Verdict: Read it!

Personally, I feel that reading this manga has been exciting throughout, without a boring moment. It’s not only paced fairly well, recurring characters appear consistently enough for unexpected plot twists to make sense in each character’s development. Though the concept of surviving in a different world is not new, I truly think that the story telling for this manga executes it very well which is commendable and something to look forward to. I can’t wait to see where this manga is headed!

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