Why You Should Check Out the Youtuber, Gigguk!

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There are plenty of Youtubers who create anime-related content, some do it occasionally, whereas some do it as their main form of content. However, I felt that only Gigguk is able to pull off such a nice balance between stupidly funny anime content and seriously heart-warming contents that discuss about things like family and love.

Here are reasons why you should check out Gigguk’s videos!

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Great Comedic Value

I’ve watched a bunch of other Youtubers that do anime-related content, but so far, Gigguk is the only guy who manages to embrace the ridiculousness of the anime landscape, both in its community and the various crazy plotline found in anime such as….. an anthropomorphised vacuum cleaner. He always pokes fun at all those “best girl arguments”, and how ‘weebs’ tend to love yaoi and yuri, but at the same time he fully embraces all these as quirks of the anime community. He even made a quote that resonated with so much of his fans, and even made a T-shirt featuring said quote to be sold, which was:

“Anime is trash… and so am I.”

The crazy T-shirt that I totally want


Great Reviews

Even if his comedy style is not up your alley, his reviews are some of the best out there as well. While he can appreciate some of the technical achievements such as story writing, animation and all those usual stuff, he also appreciates some of the more subjective stuff like relatability and how the particular series or movie affected him. It makes his reviews so much more alive, and that is honestly, in my opinion the best type of review because that’s exactly how we consume content these days, we watch our favourite shows not just because of all its animation, storytelling and all those stuff, we watch some of our favourite show because it resonates with us on a personal level. Gigguk reviews some of his favourite shows knowing it has flaws but still gives it good comments because it resonates with him on an emotional level.


Great Recommendations

He has 2 series that wraps up some of the anime every season, basically saving you the trouble of going through the “3 episode rule” yourself. There are series like “Summer 2017 Anime in a Nutshell” and “AZ: Anime in 2014 Part 1” which aims to go through each anime in a year or season as quickly as possible giving his thoughts and opinions on each series. Often times, when I’m looking for a new anime to watch, I would just watch these videos to try and get some idea on what to watch next and possibly discover some hidden gem thanks to his recommendations.

Need anime recommendation? Just check out Gigguk’s video!

Awesome Discussions

He often discusses about stuff like “Food in Anime”, or “Mecha: The Rise & Fall of Giant Robots”. It’s awesome to hear him talk about some of these topics, especially since it seems like he has been watching anime since forever and he is one of the best person to be talking about all these harder topics with his deep knowledge and experience when it comes to everything anime.

His discussion videos is pretty good and eye opening.


Here are some of his most popular videos for you to check out!

All in all, his content has a good balance of crazy comedy and serious stuff. If you want to only follow one anime Youtuber, then make Gigguk the one you follow. 

Check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/gigguk

Do you have a favourite anime Youtuber? Why not tell me more about them down in the comments below?

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