AMG-Chan Heralds the 10th Year of AniManGaki!

It’s certainly gonna be another fun filled outing for ACG veterans and aficionados this weekend as the tireless folks behind AniManGaki are back with the second ever AMG-Chan! Touted as a miniature version of the annual AniManGaki (which will be held in August this year), AMG-Chan promises to have equally big things despite its smaller package with guest appearances, performances and games galore! And best of all – entry is completely free.

Happening at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan from 10AM – 6PM on both days, AMG-Chan is sure to be a temptation station for many as it will be sporting a total turnout of over 50 exhibitor and doujin booths. We at The MAGIC RAIN will be there as well so do come over and say hi!

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Visitors who are in need of more action however can look into the Fighting Game Corner, where exhibition matches will be on display; featuring games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 & Them’s Fightin’ Herds! Dragon Ball FighterZ will also have its own tournament with a very alluring prize pool of RM225.00 alongside some PC peripherals (those interested can sign up here).

Should you wish for something less competitive however, AMG-Chan has got you covered as well with a DDR dance section featuring Touhou and non-Touhou songs to choose from. Omatsuri (Japanese Festival) game booths will also be present, allowing you to have some great, simple fun with shooting ranges and various ball games.

The fun and splendour doesn’t stop there however; fans and interested folks can expect to see a great cast of performances and guest appearances from some truly talented individuals. Among those who will be showing up as guests include Shinku, Dovah and Yugana who are highly experienced cosplayers in the field! And hey if you’re a cosplayer yourself, why not try out for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup Competition (C4)?

Indeed AMG-Chan looks like it’s going to lead the way for its big brother in an exciting event this weekend. If you’re looking for tickets for AniManGaki itself, those will be on early bird sales during AMG-Chan at RM55.00 per paired ticket. Speaking of which, tickets for The Music of Utada Hikaru will also be sold at AMG-Chan so do show up if you’ve been looking to grab this opportunity!

Until then, stay safe, have a blessed Ramadan and we’ll see you this weekend at AMG-Chan!

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