Megalo Box – Anime First Impressions


Studio: TMS Entertainment

Episodes: 13

Director: You Moriyama

Genre: Action, Drama


What you need to know about Megalo Box

1. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Megalo Box, a sport similar to boxing but with attached metal frames, is rampant

2. The animation and character design is old school, with a style akin to famous animations such as Akira

3. The story is that of an underdog that goes against the champion of the current Megalo Box champion of the world

4. The voice acting is very believable

5. Heavy focus on character development


1. Commemoration anime for Ashita no Joe’s 50th year anniversary

2. Modernized retelling of Joe Yabuki’s heart wrenching underdog story in Ashita no Joe with an added sci-fi twist

3. The concept borrows a lot from the western film Real Steel

4. Storyline similar to the cult classic boxing film, Rocky


Watch this until the end of the season as the character progression and storyline is executed really well. Despite this season boasting a lot of big title animes, I feel that Megalo Box will be the shounen sleeper anime to watch this season as it really packs a punch.

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