3 New BL Manhwas You Should Check Out!

Amidst the controversy that it is currently facing, Lezhin has been releasing some new content recently on its website. As their manhwas are always known to be of top quality, I was curious to see what the latest additions were offering. By looking through the free episodes on their respective pages, here’s my recommendation of what manhwas to consider following!

1. Heesu in Class 2

Source: lezhin.com

Author: Lily

‘Heesu’s world revolves around Chanyoung, his best friend and secret crush. He doesn’t mind cheering Chanyoung from the sidelines or listening to all his girl problems. He doesn’t care if people only know him as “Chanyoung’s friend.” Then one day, Heesu starts hearing his name everywhere. On the bus, in the halls, during lunch… Turns out, there’s a rumor going around school (Got a love problem? Find Heesu in Class 2 and he’ll tell you what to do!) and with that, Heesu suddenly finds himself the center of attention. But how could he give anyone advice? He doesn’t even know what to do about his own crush!’

This story really stood out to me as I find Heesu to be a very interesting character! When it comes to BL comics, you get used to unrealistic scenarios happening where some characters go to an extreme extent to get together with their crushes, however, even though Heesu has a secret crush on his best friend, Chanyoung, I find it really amazing on how Heesu just wishes for Chanyoung’s happiness as one-sided it may seem. It’s honestly a refreshing premise, and I really love the beautiful and simple art too!

Link: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/heesu_en


2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Source: lezhin.com

Author: Team Manna

‘Taeho’s barely scraping by after moving out of his parent’s home when he catches just the lucky break he needs: an easy, overpaid job as the manager of top celebrity, Wooyeon (overpaid being the key word here). The job starts to take a weird turn when Taeho notices that people tend to like Wooyeon a little too much… Fans are one thing, but the adoration Wooyeon ignites is something else. And why is everyone at Wooyeon’s agency related to him? Meanwhile, Wooyeon can’t figure out Taeho doesn’t adore him like everyone else. How long will it be before Taeho discover’s Wooyeon’s secret…?’

This manhwa is really attractive to the eyes with its vibrant colour scheme, and you can really see how much effort the author puts into the colouring and backgrounds for each episode. As for the storyline premise, it may seem to be very cliché in the beginning, but this manhwa brings in an interesting twist (namely Wooyeon’s secret) which we’ll find more about as the story progresses. It helps that I’m also a sucker for celebrity and commoner pairings heh. Don’t miss out on this manhwa!

Link: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/lovesodifficult_en

3. BJ Alex

Source: lezhin.com

Author: Mingwa

‘Every night at 10, Dong-gyun locks himself up in his room, grabs a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show hosted by Alex, a BJ (broadcast jockey). Timid Dong-gyun admires not only Alex’s ripped body, but his candor in sharing his sexual experiences with viewers. One night, Dong-gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out. When he wakes up, he’s in bed staring up at a shirtless hunk. A hunk who looks an awful lot like… Alex.’

If you’re looking for something more hardcore than the above, well, look no further! Currently one of my personal favourites, this manhwa has been gaining a lot of popularity within the yaoi community thanks to its intriguing characters, and steamy scenes. Unlike most manhwa these days, BJ Alex is mostly black-and-white but don’t let that deter you as the story seems interesting! I’m excited to see what BJ Alex will offer us and can I just say that Alex is bae?

Link: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/bjalex_en

Well, there you go! Here are my recommendations on 3 new BL manhwas to check out in Lezhin. I hope you will find it as enjoyable as I did, and if you do check it out, let us know what you think! Otherwise, if have any other recommendations for us, leave them in the comments section below!

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