3 Must-Read BL Manga by Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Previously, I recommended BL mangas that you should read from one of my favourite mangakas, Natsume Isaku! And next on my list of favourite BL authors is none other than Yamamoto Kotetsuko. Here are my three favourite mangas from sensei:

Honto Yajuu (2008)

Source: zerochan.net

‘Ueda Tomoharu is a cop manning a local police station, and he’s quite happy with his job and relatively quiet life until he happens to run into yakuza member Gotouda Aki while chasing down an underwear thief… and is suddenly confessed to! Aki doesn’t seem bothered in the least about their ~star-crossed lovers~ status and eagerly dives into a super lovey-dovey relationship with his policeman, but Ueda’s about to find out just how dangerous it can be dating a mobster…in more ways than one.’

Need something fun and at the same time, romantic to read? One of my favourite yaoi mangas of all time, Honto Yajuu (also known as “Like The Beast”) incorporates the typical trope of a relationship between a yakuza and a policeman, two complete opposites. While it’s a cliché, this series incorporates a great sense of humour and comedic moments alongside interesting happenings to the couple.

Mad Cinderella (2011)

Source: zerochan.net

‘Teijin Sakuichi was born in a house of one of Japan’s leading conglomerates while Ryota Kishi was born and raised in a common household and lived a rather crude lifestyle. Despite this difference, they were neighbors and childhood friends that grew up together. However in the winter of their third year in middle school, Sakuichi proposed to Ryouta before going to study abroad. Years later, having no contact, Sakuichi suddenly appears before Ryota completely changed. Has Sakuichi forgotten all about Ryota and their proposal!?’

Featuring the love life between a prince and pauper – well, not literally but you get the point – who grew up as childhood friends, Mad Cinderella is another yaoi manga by Yamamoto Kotetsuko-sensei that you should read! As with all her other stories, sensei includes plenty of lovey-dovey scenes as well as funny moments that’ll make you smile as you read. Join this pair of lovers as they struggle to overcome the differences and obstacles between them.

Konya mo Nemurenai (2011)

Source: zerochan.net

‘Shy freshman college student Rikiya knows he likes guys, but has never been in a relationship, only able to look on without expressing his feelings. Living on his own for the first time he decides to try and change his life and joins a gay dating site. Everything seems perfect until he finds himself about to be attacked with nowhere to turn yet desperately hoping for help, when a guy crawls through the wall and says, “There’s no helping it. What’s your wish?”‘

Craving for something supernatural and already completed? Well, get your dose of demons and magic with Konya mo Nemurenai! It’s definitely an intriguing take on the supernatural genre for BL mangas. If you’re looking for explicit love scenes however, be prepared to be disappointed as this manga has next to none but the story does make up for the fact. While the ending might seem rushed to some and you find yourself unsatisfied, worry not as there’s a sequel called Kimi to Kore Kara which focuses more on the side couple.

Others: Omairi Desu Yo, Ashita wa Docchi Da!

With that, I hope you’ll enjoy reading these series as much as I did. What did you think of the recommendations given above? Are there any hidden gems that I might have missed out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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