The Greatest Thief, Claude and His Partner Dexter! – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Oh no! The greatest thief in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is roaming around in the Land of Dawn. Introducing one of the latest hero – Claude, who is a marksman hero with a unique appearance as he fights alongside his partner Dexter. Dexter can also deal damage to the enemy heroes and his damage depends on how good his master’s item build is. Being able to deal a terrifying amount of damage, let’s take a look at his skills.

Battle Side-By-Side (Passive Skill)

Source: Metaco

Dexter launches an attack to help Claude. Deals 30% of Claude’s damage in bonus damage to enemy units that were damaged by Claude’s basic attacks. (Dexter also enjoys the basic attack bonus)

Art Of Thievery

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Cooldown: 5.0; Mana Cost: 6

Claude steals 20% of movement speed and 10% of attack speed of enemies within a fan-shaped area. Deals 160 (+40% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. Claude increases his own movement and attack speed for 6 seconds, depending on the number of enemies affected. The speed bonus of Claude is doubled when stealing speed from enemy heroes.

 Battle Mirror Image

Source: Metaco

Cooldown: 11.0; Mana Cost: 70

Claude uses Dr. Rooney’s device to leave a mirror image of Dexter at a designated location. Dexter’s mirror image automatically attacks enemy units. Mirror Image lasts for 5 seconds and deals 100% of Dexter’s Physical Damage in basic damage. Claude can activate this skill again to switch places with the mirror image.

Blazing Duet (Ultimate)

Cooldown: 50.0; Mana Cost: 150

Claude and Dexter unleash a barrage attack, dealing continuous damage to enemies within the duo’s surrounding area. Lasts for 3 seconds. Every hit inflicts 80 (+10% Total Physical Attack)points of Physical Damage to an enemy unit. This attack damage is considered a basic attack and triggers the effects of Claude’s basic attacks. Also, generates a shield with 20 (+10% Total Physical Attack) points. Bonus attack speed will also increase hit rate. When Claude’s attack is in full burst, enemy minions will experience 400% of damage.

Lately in the ranked games, Claude has been the number one hero that most players will pick as a marksman. Claude’s battle style is somehow similar to Irithel’s battle style in which they can fire quite a lot of bullets. But what makes Claude different from her is his partner, Dexter. Not only is he cute, Dexter is also deadly as he can deal quite a lot damage on the enemy and Claude can also use him to swap places.

One of the hottest picks recently, what do you think of Claude? Do you think his damage is more terrifying than the previous hot pick, Lesley? Do tell us in the comments below!

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