GWENTFIX: Upgrading Northern Realms (Basic)

As I have said previously, each new player will receive a Basic Deck for each of the Clans and once you finish all of the challenges, you will receive different Leaders for all the Clans. Previously, we looked into upgrading the Skellige Basic Deck. We will be looking into the Northern Realms Basic Deck which starts off with the Leader Foltest. Foltest is one of those Leaders that can be played in any Northern Realms deck as Foltest boosts your whole deck, hand and unit on board for 1 Strength.

Thus, unlike the Skellige Basic Deck we can start upgrading and playing just by using Foltest as the Leader, I highly recommend unlocking the other Leaders as Radovid is a good control Leader while Henselt is one of the greatest combo Leader. Let’s get into it.

Leader – Foltest



2x Aspirant

1x Dudu

2x Redanian Elite

1x Cleaver

2x Tridam Infantry

1x Sile

2x Reaver Scout

1x Decoy

2x Kaedweni Cavalry

1x Commander’s Horn

2x Reinforced Trebuchet

1x Scorch

1x Thunderbolt

1x First Light


1x Alzur’s Thunder

1x Philippa

1x Triss Merigold

1x Geralt

Royal Decree

The Northern Realm Basic Deck is one of the easiest to upgrade as most of the cards are already present in the Basic Deck. The archetype we are going to pick is the Armor archetype. Again, we are keeping Foltest as it is still a good Leader to start with and we are changing the deck to the following:-

– 2 x Reinforced Trebuchet

+ 1 x Aspirant

– 2 x Tridam Infantry

+ 1 x Redanian Elite

– 1x Alzur’s Thunder

+ 1 x Kaedweni Cavalry

+ 1 x Reaver Scout

– 1 x Dudu

+ 1 x Thunderbolt

– 1 x Geralt

+ 1 x Prince Stennis

+1 x Shani

That is right, we only replace 5 Bronzes and this card becomes better by increasing the amount of the other good cards. Redanian Elite and Kaedweni Cavalry is a great combo which can bring a total of 23 Strength on Board with 2 cards, each card at 13 Strength. Reaver Scout is a great consistency card where you can keep only one of a Bronze and still being able to pull the same Bronze from the deck, further thinning your deck to better draw in the next rounds.

This deck is highly vulnerable to Scorch effects, therefore you might want to mulligan your own Scorch when you draw it or replace it with Prince Stennis instead of Dudu. Aspirant is a great card to offset your Strength to avoid 2 or 3 of your units being Scorched at once. Thunderbolt is a great card to reapply Armor to Aspirants or Redanian Elite and is best played by Sile, drawing you a card in the process. Reapplying armor to Redanian Elite and breaking it again will trigger its ability again and boosting it by 5. Prince Stennis is an essential card as itself has 3 armor and give the card it pulls plus 5 armor essentially making your Kaedwani Cavalry bigger later or making it harder for your opponent to break Aspirant’s armor.

The deck wins on the third round by playing Shani as the finisher, reviving Prince Stennis and pulling another card, hopefully a Kaewani Cavalry thus creating a major tempo swing. There is a problem of pulling a Reaver Scout or Thunderbolt from Prince Stennis, thus it is better to have another Bronze on board or at least three units on Board before playing Prince Stennis. Another suggestion would be to replace a Reaver Scout with another Thunderbolt in the deck because pulling Thunderbolt in the later Rounds is better.

And that is it for upgrading Northern Realms. To be honest, it is a bit hard to upgrade the decks now as the Latest patch is volatile and I am not sure what they will further change but we will do our best. Until next time, gwentlemen!

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