Cosers Confess: I’m in love with my best friend!

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Dear The Magic Rain,

I’m 17 and in high school. I have a gigantic crush on the cutest girl in my class and she is also my best friend. but the catch is that she has a boyfriend. The saddest part is that I find the boyfriend doesn’t fulfill his part as being a good boyfriend. I feel like I could be there for her as a better boyfriend, treating her the way she deserves, but at the same time I don’t wanna break up a relationship. I just want her to be happy. However, not being with her is making me sad. What should I do?

Best Friend


Dear Best Friend,

I don’t know you and your best friend in real life so my advice to you might be more on the general side. First of all, you say that her boyfriend does not fulfill his role of being a good boyfriend, but what is a good boyfriend to begin with? What may seem bad to you may be a quality that your bestfriend is looking for. If her boyfriend really does treat her badly, however, there will be a time eventually when she will realise that he is not good for her. So, for now, if you really do love her, put her happiness before yours. Be beside her. If her boyfriend does treat her badly, protect her and advise her! Telling her you like her right now is a bad idea. Only do so if she does break up with her boyfriend.

Also, you might like to think that the both of you are compatible as a couple, but being a couple and being best friends is different. You both need to have chemistry. It has to go both ways. I know it’s hard to see her with someone else, but understand this, things happen for a reason. Take things slowly and don’t be too hard on yourself. The world has a funny way about relationships. Anything can happen. If you both are meant to be, it’ll happen eventually. Keep calm and take things slow! Be the best friend you can ever be. And good luck! 😀

Ms. Scrumptious

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