Cosers Confess: My Parents Won’t Let Me Go For Photoshoots!

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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

Recently, I’ve got asked to go for a photoshoot by a photographer. You see, my parents are very strict and they don’t like me going for photoshoots alone just because im young.  I am capable of taking care of myself but they still insist on coming along and even told me I would not be allowed to go if I didn’t bring them along.

So, I told the photographer about this and he was not happy when I asked him whether they could come along for the shoot. He told me that my parents could trust him, and that he’s been shooting for many years now (which is true) and that my parents would only get in the way of the shoot. It’s embarrassing to bring my parents along and I really want to shoot with him. How do I solve this?


Dear Annoyed,

I too have very strict parents and have encountered a similar thing in the past. What I can advise you on is to always take precaution because it’s better to be safe than sorry. I know you may not like to hear this but it is the truth. There are many shady photographers in the cosplay community who are perverts and would take any chance they get on innocent girls like you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that your photographer is a pervert. I’m just saying that there is a chance that he is. Never ever go on a shoot alone especially if you’re young and you do not know the photographer. Although your photographer may be shooting for many years that does not mean that you can trust him. Victims are often silent. No one wants to tell others about what they’ve encountered or are just too shy to do so.

So, what you can do is to ask him if it’s okay for you to bring someone else (e.g. your friend, preferably older/opposite gender) to the shoot. Choose someone you know you can trust and rely on. If the photographer is still uncomfortable letting your friend come along then I suggest that you take precaution and shoot with someone else.

Most photographers would understand that young cosers most likely need to have a guardian with them. It is normal. If a photographer is still uncomfortable with both choices, and would like to shoot with you alone… He is most likely up to no good. So my dear cosplayer, please take precaution. All the best!


Ms. Scrumptious

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