Cosers Confess: I Hate My Life

Feeling blue

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Hi everyone,

Beforehand I’m going to tell you that my English isn’t good, since English is not my native language. I’m a university student in my first year, so I’m still a freshman. But the thing is, I can’t blend in well. I will cry every day. Whenever my roommate is not around, I will cry. I always feel depressed and stressed. When I first entered college, I tried to blend in with new people. I thought that I can make new friends. But it seems like everyone is giving me the cold shoulder.

I don’t know what’s wrong but I think I’ve done enough. I really thought I could be best friends with my roommate but my efforts ended in vain. Nothing goes in my favour. I decided not to care about it. Then I got few friends from the same department but it always seems like I am the only one who is putting in lots of effort. It seems like I am the one who wants these relationships.

Somehow, I’m tired. Tired with my life. During group projects, nobody listens to my thought although my ideas seem okay. I have a friend from the same department; even though her ideas are no good, people would just follow them anyway. And I hate myself. I always feel that I’m useless, full of regrets, have no talent, and everything else that is negative. I hate my life. I tried to be positive but it’s just temporary. I really hate my life. I tried to be better since before but it was in vain.

Somehow I rather be an introverted person than to be a fake extrovert. I’m a little lonely though I don’t care, deep inside I want to have someone that knows me. When can I be a better person? How can I change my life? Why am so pitiful? Please help me.



Dear Anonymous,

It sounds like you are going through a very difficult time. Entering college is a huge transition period when many things will change, and you are placed in a new environment out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps you can try to join clubs or organisations that you may be interested in at your university? It is a lot easier to make friends with others whom you share interests and hobbies with. There will be people whom you can click with a lot better than others, so don’t be discouraged when some of the new people that you meet do not instantly become your friends.

It is definitely understandable that you might be feeling down at times like these, but don’t hesitate to seek support from your family and friends from high school. The transition into college might not be as smooth as you thought, but after overcoming these bumps, you will become a much stronger person. You have a bright future ahead of you, so don’t give up! Someday your efforts to reach out to others will help you form great relationships.

Ms. Universe

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