Cosers Confess: My Parents Won’t Let Me Cosplay

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Dear The Magic Rain team,

I am turning 18 this year and I have just finished my high school. I’ve been in the ACG community for a few years and thanks to some of my cosplayer friends, I’m really interested in cosplaying! At first it was just a normal thing for me, but as I spent more time in this community meeting new people, it grew into a passion.

However, my parents won’t allow me to do so as they think that it’s childish and too expensive. They constantly harp on the amount of money it costs as well as the amount of time I spend outside of the house. My friends’ parents are either supportive or are not bothered too much about their hobbies. What can I do to convince my parents? Please help me.

Aspiring Cosplayer

Dear Aspiring Cosplayer,

I think it’s wonderful that you have so much passion for the cosplaying community! The good thing about passion is, it easily becomes obvious to those around you that you’re not just playing around. I already can tell your interest in cosplay isn’t fleeting, and this will be a good starting point to convince your parents.

No matter what, parents will always have their children’s best interests in mind. Even if their reasoning may not align with yours right now, it’s not impossible to change their minds. Cosplaying is a multifaceted hobby that can open many doors, not just in terms of skills but also valuable connections and friendships. It also boosts self-confidence and I’m sure it will make you happier.

It is up to you to convince your parents that the time and money you spend on it will have a good payoff. It may be scary to talk to them, but remain calm and collected – they will take it seriously if they see you being serious about it.

A thing you can take into consideration is talking on their terms. Your parents may not recognise the same benefits that we do, so talk in the context of what they consider a benefit. Since their main concerns are that it costs too much money and they dislike you spending too much time outside of the house, try to solve those problems for them.

In terms of money, I’ve personally always reassured my parents about my spending by showing that I’m willing to work and manage my own savings. Knowing that I’m willing to make sacrifices and adjust my own budget has made a huge difference in the way my parents see me. Perhaps you can take up a part-time job to save money for cosplay! It will be a good show of responsibility and you will have extra funds, win-win!

As for going out of the house, it may be a deeper rooted problem than what it seems. Your parents may be worried about your studies, or simply worried for your safety. Try your best to reassure them by improving in the areas that they’re the most worried about. If not, try and come to a compromise! If you want to take something from them (i.e. their permission to let you cosplay), then you will have to give something back as well.

There is, unfortunately, no quick solution to your problem. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to pursue your love for cosplay, I’m sure your parents will eventually recognise your dedication. Hang in there!

– Miss Tea

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