All Aboard Cosplay Commuter Once Again!

The annual Cosplay Commuter is back and this year, with 100% spooky vibes and a zombie Kiko to boot! Time to face your fears as you ride on the commuter at Cosplay Commuter 2019 (CC2019) happening on the 19th October 2019 with the starting point at LINC KL.

Cosplay Commuter is an event unlike any other whereby it’s an event focused on building friendship and bonds with a fun-filled day riding the commuter cosplaying as your favourite characters doing crazy activities together. As a participant, you’ll be grouped into teams of 10 or more, where you will have to work together to complete activities at different stations and stand a chance to win awesome prizes.

Now, if you’re new and you’ve never heard of what Cosplay Commuter is about, fret not, as I’ll give you a rundown on what happens most of the time during Cosplay Commuter, so you know what to expect on the day itself!


Obviously, it’s not going to be called Cosplay Commuter without cosplay and you can expect to see a lot of cosplayers during CC2019. That’s not all! Cosplayers will all board the trains (LRT) and commute around KL together for a fun and unique experience!

Featuring our Guest Cosplayers of Cosplay Commuter 2018!


CC 2019 is all about spreading positivity within the ACG community and the public. Maybe you’ll meet your next new best friend during CC 2019, or maybe you’ll make the day of a fellow Naruto fan while on the commuter. There will also be plenty of chances to meet like-minded people as you join the activities by the stations!

Meet new people and have tons of fun!


Some friendly competition always makes things so much more fun for everyone. Within the stations, there may be activities which will require teams to compete against other teams so fuel up your competitive spirit and do your best to win!

Crazy performances

Expect crazy performances in big crowded places! Maybe we’ll have a performance in the middle of a crowded mall? Maybe we’ll have a performance YOU can join in as well, who knows?

For more information, check out our Facebook page and the event page. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to drop a message to our Facebook page or comment down below. I hope to see you all at Cosplay Commuter 2019! Mark the dates and bring your friends!

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