EPIC Game Of The Week – Everything & Metro 2033 Redux

In this series, I look into the free games given out by EPIC Games every week and decide whether it’s worth your time to actually play it.

This week, EPIC Games is giving out Everything. The game ‘Everything’, not every game in its store, and Metro 2033 Redux. This week’s selection is quite interesting. We have two games on different spectrums in terms of intensity, one being a game that quite literally has no objective, and another being a game about a post nuclear world with monsters and supernatural elements. Will any of these game be worth your time?


Everything is a weird game to say the least. There’s no direct goal in the game, and you can play as any character you want, from a single grain of sand, to an entire galaxy, hence the name – ‘Everything’.

You can play as a squirrel.
You can also play as an entire planet floating through space.

This is one of those games that you play and ask yourself if it’s even considered a game. It’s quite out of this world. However, what this game did right is with its presentation. The art style is cute and simple, which gives it a charming aura.

The reason anyone would enjoy playing this game is because you could quite literally play as any character. You could play as a squirrel, a tree, a seashell or an atom. The interesting element is exploring the types of characters you could play, big or small.

Play as a seashell or a wheat? its your choice.

Verdict: Meh

It’s pretty pointless to play this game, in my opinion. If you want to play a games that doesn’t have much of an objective just to relax, you might find more enjoyment from ABZU and its amazingly beautiful underwater world.

Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033 is the first game of the Metro series that is based on the novel of the same name. This game depicts a world that is ruined by a nuclear war, and the remainder of human civilisation is taking refuge in metro lines underground, safe from radioactive harm.

Great post apocalyptic setting.

If you have not already noticed, this setting is similar to the Fallout universe, but unlike Fallout, this game is a linear experience, as opposed to the extremely open world in Fallout.

Metro 2033 has it all, including mutant monsters due to radiated areas in the game, requiring the player to wear a gas mask and change the filter once in a while, and dark corridors with ruined structures. If you like this kind of setting, you’ll be in for a treat.

While the game seems to have an interesting story and setting, the dialogue during cut scenes can feel awkward at times, either the pause between lines are too long, or there are too many people talking at the same time, making conversation hard to follow. These two ends of the extreme seem to come up very often.

Dialogue timing either feels too slow, or too fast.

Verdict: Play!

While the game may not have aged as well as Batman Arkham Asylum, it is still a good game. It has a solid setting, with an interesting plot that hooks you in. Perhaps the big downfall of this game is how the gun feels very under-powered and lacks the “oomph” a gun should feel, but that could be intentional, to make you feel weak against the mutant foes.

If these games caught your attention, you can claim it for free on the Epic Games store here until the end of 3rd of October 2019. Do let us know what you think about these Batman games, and stay tuned for our next article on EPIC Game of the Week. Till then!

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