Nintendo Switch Outsells All Previous Nintendo Systems on Launch Day

While the TMR Gaming Panel is still hesitant on acquiring the Switch just yet (because we all are really poor people), the strong sales reception for it in the Americas is a great indicator of its huge potential.

The Switch outsold all other Nintendo systems in the Americas and is sold out at most major retailers in the Americas, including major online stores, at the point of writing. While we all know the grip Nintendo has on its Japanese fan base, it was very surprising to see sales results this early since the Wii-U failed miserably at launch.

While we have no way of guaranteeing that initial launch sales will sustain the console through its lifespan, we can definitely say that things can only get better from here. We have no solid numbers as of now, including details such as initial manufactured units and regional distribution, but Nintendo must be happy with this sales achievement despite multiple issues plaguing the Switch.

These same issues, including multiple hardware issues, mainly the lack of solid titles at launch – Breath of the Wild notwithstanding – is what made the TMR Gaming Panel halt our plans on jumping on the early adopters bandwagon.

Hopefully, the next batch of these consoles have their issues rectified, and inevitably (at least we are praying very hard for this) the Pokemon console exclusive game gets released soon, together with a bundle set of its own. That and also the Monster Hunter one. And also an exclusive Square Enix title, maybe Project Prelude Rune.

Things are looking up for the Switch, but maintaining momentum and generating more hype for its future title releases will be crucial from this point forth. With a great gimmick like this, it is only a matter of time till it becomes a success story like the Wii, rather than the Wii-U.

We at the TMR Gaming Panel only wish that the price in Malaysia becomes more reasonable soon. No, seriously. With that, have you already bought your Nintendo Switch?

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