Cosers Confess: I Love You, I Love You Not

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Dear The Magic Rain,

It’s thanks to a certain cosplayer named Carol and Iris that inspired me to cosplay and enter this great community… But as the time goes by, I saw them become more and more popular as cosplayer figures, and then I’m thinking that I should stop talking to these two cosplayers since I might make them feel a bit annoyed sometimes.

If yes, sorry from me… But that’s not the point here. I just had to say that as I watched them both grow, I realized that I should quit cosplay since I kinda feel a bit jealous of them. I mean, they are brave enough to step in front of lots of people while I’m still scared to show other people what my true self is. Anyway, thanks for making me change and I will support them till the end!!




Dear Changed,

It’s great that your friends Carol and Iris persuaded you to join this community. Let me ask you one question, dear coser: Why do you cosplay? What do you intend to get from this hobby? You need to get your intentions right.

Cosplaying for fame is never the right way to go. Only cosplay if it makes you happy. Only cosplay if you’re here to make friends and not compete with them. Cosplaying with the intentions of chasing fame will never bring you happiness nor will it help you achieve fame with that mindset.

It’s great that you’re still supporting your friends’ growth in the cosplay community. However, I feel that you are placing too much attention on them rather than yourself, which in turn prevents you from growing too. Cosplay isn’t about who’s the prettiest, who has the best props, who does the most shoots etc. Cosplaying is about connecting with others who share your interest. Cosplay is about bringing the characters you love to life.

You should not feel afraid to continue befriending them. True friends will continue to care for you and speak to you, but those who are only after fame might dissociate themselves from you. But hey, that’s life. It’s better news for you because you’ll be able to know if they truly care for you as a friend. There are plenty of other individuals like you out there who are ready to be your friend, so keep an open mind and actively reach out to other people in the community!

It is normal to feel jealous. You’re human after all. However, you should never let jealousy be the reason for you to quit cosplay. Take some time off to discover yourself. You can even have a talk with your friends to explain to them how you feel and to find out if they are truly annoyed with you to clear things out. It’s good to have a proper talk with your friends so that you can understand them and maybe even understand yourself better in the process.

You are amazing and I believe you can do it. Don’t quit just yet! I wish you luck.


Ms. Scrumptious

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