Cosers Confess: I don’t fit in with my friends!

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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

I’m a social outcast, in the sense I don’t see myself fitting in “weeb culture” or normal culture. I’m having a hard time making conversations with my friends and trying to understand what they are talking about. Am I suited for this culture?



Dear Lost,

That’s totally fine. Embrace your uniqueness. I personally too do not fit into the otaku culture nor the normal one completely. Maybe try making new friends. In the past, I had friends that loved anime culture but I found extreme difficulty in talking to them because I couldn’t really understand their sense of humour nor the context of their conversations.

However, past forward a year or so, I made new friends from the same community of which I can easily talk to. What I suggest is to find friends who are not completely “weeb” since you can’t identify fully with them, but to find those in between who share the love for anime but isn’t too overly obsessed with it and can still talk to you and hold conversations with you on a personal level.

You’ll have difficulty talking to friends who are “weebs” because most of their conversations aren’t too familiar to you. I personally know people who talks about anime and have their life revolve around anime and I too cannot identify with them mainly because I do not keep up with new animes or watch them frequently enough to know what’s going on.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t worry… find new friends and eventually or soon enough you’ll meet people who can identify with you on a personal level. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be you.

Ms Scrumptious

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