Trending In The Cosplay Scene… #CosplayVSCosplayer!

Featured image credit to Alyson Tabbitha.

The hashtag #cosplayvscosplayer has been trending globally across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Based on the artist’s version of the challenge (#artvsartist), cosplayers post up a collage of their cosplay pictures, and (usually) in the centre of the collage is a picture of themselves in their daily out-of-cosplay look.

This tag has seen cosplayers present a wide array of cosplays they have done over the years, and is a good platform to see the different styles of characters that one cosplayer can portray. In addition to some stunning before-and-after-cosplay comparisons, it is also amazing to see how different some cosplayers can look between cosplaying male and female characters and still look 100% like the characters themselves.

This tag promotes a sense of self-reflection and acknowledgement as cosplayers can see how far they have come throughout their cosplay journey and encourages a community effort in spreading the popularity of this one social media tag, bringing the global cosplay community closer together.

Check out some incredible posts under the tag that really blew us away!


Have you shared your #CosplayVSCosplayer post yet? *Alternatively tagged as #CosplayerVSCosplay

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