Cosers Confess: Photographers Take Up Too Much Space!

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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

I have been going to events for the past 4 years now and I have been having fun for that long as well but something has been bothering me for quite a while, is it really a good idea for event organizers to let photographers set up a photoshoot station outside of the event venue? A lot of the places are good places for people to rest.

Normally, I wouldn’t care that much but don’t you think it’s getting out of hand how photographers take up so much space? I respect them for wanting higher quality shots but there must be a boundary, right?



Dear Event-goer,

I’ve been around the cosplay community for more than 8 years now. I don’t think there should be a boundary to photographers taking up space. Why so? Because the cos comm is made up of, not only the cosplayers, but photographers as well.

Saying that photographers should take up less space is pretty much like photographers saying that cosplayers should not camp around in the areas outside the event venue because the area is meant for people to walk about and cosplayers might block the area by camping there.

The cos comm is made up of cosplayers, photographers and normal event-goers. We have to understand that we’re only a part of the bigger picture. Hence, I feel that events should have a separate area/shoot station specially for photographers to set up their equipment and take good shots that they want (Like a special hall just for photographers).

Wouldn’t that be cool? However, not many events are willing to spend more or are not able to afford accomodating the interest of the photographers in our community.

I believe the real issue here is the very fact that we are growing at such a rapid pace. Many event halls aren’t capable of accomodating the huge number of cosplay event-goers that’s growing throughout the year. So I dont think it’s the photographers fault. It’s just that most events are created to cater towards the larger audience (cosplayers) and most of the time because of this, the interest of photographers are not prioritised.

For us cosplayers, we have our event hall, doujin booths, stage area and etc. Hopefully, more events will be able to afford and provide better venues that are spacy and comfortable for everyone in the near future! Have fun~

Ms. Scrumptious

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