Magic The Gathering: A Known Horizon

New banning just went out and it did not surprise me bearing the often banning done by Wizards of the Coast which now renders all of the top decks in previous months useless. What does this mean? It’s a new horizon with potential new decks to come out of the dark and take on the Meta head on. Although the new set is coming in the next month which could mean a whole new meta (depending on the new cards),lets discuss some of the decks that I think will try to go against the hill and take the top to be next the Tier 1 deck for now.

The first deck I think will undoubtedly will be Tier 1 is the current Zombies decks which did absolutely fantastic during the last Pro Tour. The deck list would not change much from the last iteration in my previous article.


Zombie Land

Lands (22)

21 x Swamp

2 x Westvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince


Spells (13)

3x Liliana, the Last Hope

3x Liliana’s Mastery

4x Fatal Push

3x Grasp of Darkness

Creatures (24)

4 x Cryptbreaker

4 x Dread Wanderer

4 x Relentless Dead

4 x Diregraf Colossus

4 x Lord of the Accursed

4 x Metallic Mimic

This deck is consistent and the creatures are just hard to be removed. Most of the creatures produce a plus one card advantage which can counter most removals and they can become bigger with cards like Lord of the Accursed, Metallic Mimic and Liliana’s Mastery. The next deck I am looking at is the bane of the last meta which I think would be the go-to for players as they play Heart of Kirran. I don’t think people will be surprised if this deck rises up again and take on the Top 8s of most tournaments.


Mad Max

Spells (16)

4 x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

4 x Fatal Push

4 x Unliensed Disintegration

4 x Heart of Kiran


Lands (24)

3x Canyon Slough

4 x Concealed Courtyard

4 x Inspiring Vantage

4 x Mountain

5 x Plains

4 x Spire of Industry

Creatures (20)

4 x Thraben Inspector

4 x Toolcraft Exemplar

2 x Scrapheap Scrounger

4 x Veteran Motorist

4 x Pia Nalaar

2 x Archangel Avacyn

This deck is pressuring especially with a turn one Toolcraft Exemplar and turn two Heart of Kiran hitting the opponent for three at turn two. Heart of Kiran is key here as most of the creatures turn on the monstrous vehicle and hit the opponent like a 4 by 4 Truck carrying nails… which flies. I cut down on the Scrapheap Scounger because of the presence of Magma Spray.

The last deck that I would like to talk about is a deck I would probably play in this meta which would be a control deck. This deck is also one of the top decks in the previous meta and I love it because of the amount of value that is produced from each cards.


A Song of Fire and Ice

Spells (28)


3 x Magma Spray

4 x Anticipate

3 x Censor

2 x Essence Scatter

4 x Harnessed Lightning

1 x Negate

1 x Fall of the Titans

2 x Sweltering Suns

3 x Glimmer of Genius

2 x Hieroglyphic Illumination

3 x Dynavolt Tower


Lands (25)

4 x Aether Hub

9 x Island

4 x Mountain

4 x Spirebluff Canal

4 x Wandering Fumarole

Creatures (7)

4 x Torrential Gearhulk

2 x Bedlam Reveler

1 x Sphinx of the Final Word

This deck is a total control that can deal with the above two agro decks and other agro decks. The problem would be in the mirror match against other control decks. Magma Spray, Fall of the Titans and Harnessed Lightning would be mostly useless because they could only target creature. The sideboard is something to think about while playing the deck and may require testing before finalizing the deck.

So enjoy the few decks which I think would be the next contenders for the Top Tier deck and till next time Keep On Slinging!

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