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Dear Magic Rain team,

Hi there. I’m not a cosplayer but an aspiring cosplay photographer. My problem started when I wanted to find cosplayers to shoot but I was often rejected. I’m not sure why but I asked around and some of them said it was probably because I’m not famous or don’t have a high enough number of likes on my page, making them reluctant to shoot with me.

What should I do? 🙁



Dear Smalltimer,

My advice to you is to keep an open mind and never give up. While there may be cosplayers who reject you because you’re not “famous” or do not have “high number of likes” on your page, there may be other reasons for them to reject you, e.g. they’re looking for a different photography style or they’re uncomfortable working with strangers. What I can suggest for you to do is to go to events more often to practice your skill and make more friends. Also, take this rejection as a challenge for you to improve yourself! Practice, practice, and practice and prove them wrong! 🙂

If you haven’t already, try making a photography card (like a coscard) with your page details/email etc. and give them out at events to let people know and remember you. Do not worry. You are not alone. Even cosplayers themselves experience rejection from photographers for a variety of reasons. Update your page often whenever you get the chance. At the end of the day someone will accept your request or may even request a shoot from you if you keep on trying. Don’t give up dear small-timer. You’re going to be a big-timer one day. You got this. 🙂

Ms. Scrumptious

Dear Magic Rain team,

I’m a guy but I want to cosplay a female character.

Some guy


Dear some guy,

Crossplay a female character then. What’s stopping you? I may not know much about crossplaying because I’m not a crossplayer, but I do find it normal for girls and guys to crossplay. Maybe it may be more common for girls to crossplay, but hey, at one point girls crossplaying as male characters was considered “weird” too. So why not try break this taboo? Just have fun! We live in a society where stereotypical gender norms/roles are constantly reinforced. As a male, being seen as masculine is superior and ideal. Thus, most people may see crossdressing as taboo, even more so when a guy does it. So, some guy, I understand where you are coming from.

Firstly, as lame as it may sound, YOLO (you only live once) so DO it! I know many people may judge you for your sexuality because of crossplay or may even make fun of you (e.g. if a guy crossplays as a girl, he’s gay.) Which is totally wrong by the way, because crossplaying is an art form, not a way of life or an indicator of who you are as a person (but if you’re gay/queer that’s fine too.) We need to begin moving out of gender norms. Years ago, women were not even allowed to wear pants because it was considered too manly. Look at us now.

So, some guy, step out and challenge these norms. Many will acknowledge you for your courage and will be inspired by you. Also, if you want to crossdress, do it well. Many people are grossed out by crossdressers not shaving their legs/beard or doing their makeup. Love what you do and do it well. Take AHO the crossplayer from China as an example. His crossplays continues to impress people around the world. Good luck!

Ms. Scrumptious

Dear The Magic Rain team,

I really wanted to take a group photoshoot with friends but we don’t have any mutual cosplay series.



Dear #Foreveralone,

Hey there! It’s sad when your friends have no mutual interest with you when it comes to series you’d like to cosplay. But hey, that’s not the end of the world! Try going to cosplay forums in your community and post a picture of the series you want to cosplay. Inform others of the characters available and set a time frame. For example, “Looking for cosplayers interested in shooting together. Series: XXXX. Characters available: XXXX. Rough estimation of shooting date: XX/XX/XX. Location: XX/XX/XX. Please pm or comment below if interested!” This way, you get to find cosplay partners and make new friends! Super easy, give it a try! 😀

Ms. Scrumptious.

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