Just Stop Stalking!: What To Do If You Are Stalked

A few weeks ago, I covered the general definition of stalking and the multiple types of stalkers which you should be aware of on a daily basis. This week, I will be covering on the active steps you can take to overcome your stalkers.


1. Ascertain your stalker threat and take threats seriously.

There is no better way to be prepared other than to identify your stalker, find out his/her stalker type based on your experience or assumptions and immediately call the police regarding this. While stalking is not a crime in Malaysia as of yet, it helps for you to contact the police so that in the future, if anything were to happen to you, the police already have a tab on your particular case. Alternatively, you can email Cyber Security Malaysia at mycert@mycert.org.my or call the cyber999 hotline at 1-300—88-2999.

By calling the police and filing a report to them, you are also urging this issue to be addressed. If enough reports come in, stalking will be declared criminal in Malaysia.


2. Keep evidence of the stalking

Anything incriminating can be used against the stalker, be it photos, emails, chat messages, social media postings, phone records, phone conversation recordings, letters, screenshots, notes, videos and any other form of evidence that you think is relevant.

If you have been hurt or if your property has been damaged due to the actions of a stalker, take photos and record the damage before the evidence is destroyed. In the court of law, all the above can be used as solid proof to determine motive and criminal intent of the assault.


3. Inform your family, friends and colleagues

Do not be shy about this matter, and certainly do not pretend to be unaffected by this matter. After you have gathered enough evidence of the stalking, show it to your immediate social circle so that they can monitor your safety as well as keep an eye out in case something out of the ordinary occurs.

Reach out for help. Do not stay quiet as things can snowball very quickly.


4. Change your daily routine

For a period of time, make sure that your daily routine is unpredictable. Change your plans daily and make sure you use a different route back home, go to different spots to relax, or if need be, put up a few nights at a friend or relative’s place to throw your stalker off guard.

Stalkers that are thrown off the trajectory may give up after a period of time but still be alert.


5. Deactivate your social media accounts

Cyberstalking is the next big thing on the horizon, but if you stop posting statuses, geo tagging your every move and stop posting photos of yourself in public areas, stalkers will have a very hard time tracking you down. If you find the allure of social media too strong, deactivate your accounts and go cold turkey ’til you are safe.

Don’t lose sleep due to your stalker knowing your every move because of the posts you make on your social media.


I hope the above tips help you stay safe from your stalker problems. Share these tips with a friend who may need it and let’s make our community safe for everyone.

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