Just Stop Stalking!: Types of Stalkers


Stalking could happen to anyone, be it male or female, a colleague, a friend, a family member or worst case scenario, yourself. While this may seem like an ordinary thing to most of us, being stalked is akin to a nightmare for the victims. And sadly, stalking is highly prevalent in the ACG community anywhere in the world.



In the USA, which has an estimated population of 320 million people today, 1 out of every 14 women (out of a rough estimation of 163 million women) and 1 out of every 50 men (out of a rough estimation of 157 million men) experience stalking of some form in their life. In Malaysia, in a study conducted by Universiti Sains Malaysia, it is reported that 9 out of 100 women (from a rough estimated population of 15 million women) have been involved with a stalker that has resulted in violence.

The major difference between the two countries regarding stalking? In the star spangled country, stalking is largely considered a crime, whereas in Malaysia, it is not.



Stalking is defined as repeated unwanted acts such as shadowing, trailing, tracking someone down and/or harassing them with unwanted attention (including on social media), causing them alarm or distress that may lead to the apprehension of harm and/or violence.

However, just knowing the definition is not enough, you need to know the types of stalkers that you may be dealing with in the near future. While the names are not ultra-creative (I would have named them in a much more… interesting manner to say the least), it really defines which stalker you are dealing with from the get go.

Rejected stalkers
– Mainly pursues a former lover
– Objective is to achieve reconciliation or vengeance
– Strong indicator that things may end in a violent manner

Predatory stalker
– Laced with sexual intent
– Stalks for a long period of time to observe and study
– May attack at any given time

Intimacy seeking stalkers
– Looking for some form of affection
– Ignores the victim’s response
– Delusional as they imagine the victim having nonexistent qualities

Resentful stalkers
– Intends to frighten or distress the victim
– Often feels persecuted by society
– Paranoid tendencies

Incompetent stalkers
– Believes that their behavior will lead to intimacy with the victim
– Knows that victim is distressed but continues behavior
– May possess low IQ or be socially inept

While the ACG community largely comprises of the resentful and incompetent stalkers, there are also cases where violence has entered premise in very ugly ways.

Now that you know the motives and mindsets of these stalkers in general, I will be highlighting key tips on how to handle stalkers in the next edition of Kopi Talk.

Till then, stay gold.


Information source: http://www.mdedge.com/currentpsychiatry/article/62668/stalking-intervention-know-5-stalker-types-safety-strategies-victims

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