3DS x Cosplay Corner 2016

Coined as the gathering by the community for the community, Cosplay Corner 2016 happened over the weekend of 13-14th August 2016 at the KDU Auditorium Hall in Damansara Jaya. A total of 650 enthusiasts, cosplayers and gamers attended the event. It was the first ever that these guys are doing an event of this size and we were there to see how it all unfolded.


The Highlights

For starters, a lot of people that were not really known within the cosplay community were given the chance to showcase their talent. These include violinist Luna Lorrain, cosplay dance groups M’Moments and Kiseki, among others. While most of their performances are good overall, there are still improvements that can be done and we look forward to said improvements in the future.

As this event is positioned as a dedicated gathering for photographers and cosplayers in general, it was refreshing to see some new content pop up, such as Cupcat’s various backdrops, a photo editing tutorial, a used costume market for cosplayers, a used games market for gamers and a few more.

The usual affair was also present, such as a makeup tutorial, a cosplay photography competition, a cosplay competition, several tournaments with games such as Smash Bros and Pokemon and others. The event had a number of booths selling food, drinks, and even Pokemon plushies!

The fact that Pokemon GO launched officially in Malaysia not too long before this gathering took place made the place all the more hyped. It was especially interesting to see so many Pokemon cosplayers. The one that caught my attention was an Eevee group with all the eight forms. Most of the people came for the free lures, as there were 3 Pokestops within the event vicinity and all of them were active throughout the whole event. The event organizers were very generous by putting out a total of over 100 lures throughout the weekend.

They also organized several Pokemon Go-related competitions such as ‘Take a picture with the mascot, Dawn Snow’ to win a huge Mew plushie and several others. Awesome stuff for Pokemon fans!


We found the cosplay competition to be the most crowd engaging activity with some notable cosplays such as Erza from Fairy Tail and a Rajang Armor wearing Monster Hunter character. The guests that were present included Yukise Michi, Kazuki Vinca from Team Blood, Nessarose and Shin from Moon Art Studio.

Even though most of them were first-timer judges, they did their best in providing advice to the contestants. One thing that the organizers should fix is the audio system in the hall but other than that, everything was great.

The 3DS Corner was as simple as simple comes, with only chairs and tables set up, but it got everyone playing their favourite games in one place. There was also a board game booth present, promoting all sorts of board games including a few local ones, that was free to play for the duration of the entire event. Charging stations were even provided in order for players to enjoy their gaming experience.


Overall, it was a pretty good gathering and a very laid back event. The emcees, the GG twins, did a really good job in engaging the crowd and making them all hyped up. Hopefully we see more events from the organizers in the future with even more new concepts lined up.

If there are anyone interested in the upcoming release of the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Sun x Moon, join their upcoming event, Pokemon Sun & Moon Official Launch Event on the 19th November at KDU Damansara Jaya! There are plenty of exciting activities planned out such as photo booths, contests and various performances.

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