Heroes Unite Cosplay Competition

Multiple superheroes decorated the grounds of the Event Concourse at Setiawalk Mall, on the 23rd of July 2016. While there are many cosplay competitions that focus on the anime and manga aspect of things, it is quite rare to find a cosplay showcase and competition that focuses exclusively on western superheroes. We had the pleasure of attending this rather laid back event, so check out the highlights we thought were interesting below.


The Highlights

There were many interesting cosplays present and the most of the performances were entertaining in its own way. There was a funny skit involving Deadpool, a monologue performance involving The Riddler, an inner conflict between Raven and her father Trigon, a clever presentation in which Antman was able to manipulate his sizing and a few others.

Very much like other serious and focused cosplay competitions, there is strict rules and regulations to follow and it involves multiples aspects such as total weight of the props and costumes and a time limit to work with. The winning team reenacted a scene from the movie Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice very faithfully, with the team comprising of Batman, Superman and Lois Lane. Their timing with the audio as well as the action sequences were performed very accurately, and it also helps that their costumes were spot on.


Crowd favourites included Elsa from the infamous animation movie Frozen, Spiderman, The Flash, and Hiccup from How to Train A Dragon. It was a family friendly affair and a lot of children enjoyed taking photos with their favourite superheroes. The children and their parents could also vote for their favourite superhero by pasting a sticker on a leaderboard of sorts, and the cosplayer with the most stickers would get a prize.

Overall, we felt the event was a refreshing departure from the usual anime cosplay competitions and it was also well organized. We hope to see this competition again next year!

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