Ketchup Is A Pokédex & Catch Tracker App For iOS

For those looking for a convenient and well-designed alternative to looking up the Pokédex online, Ketchup might be your solution. Developed by Ben McCarthy, Ketchup is a full-featured Pokémon encyclopedia and catch tracker app.

As the developer shared on Twitter, “the main goal for Ketchup was to take the extraordinary amount of data for each Pokémon, and make it easy to find, read, and understand. Each creature’s page shows you things like it’s Evolutions, Abilities, Type Matchups, and learned Moves.”

The result is a minimalistic but beautiful display that gives you a snapshot of each Pokémon in the roster. Whether you’re in the heat of the battle, or you’re just brushing up on your Pokémon knowledge, Ketchup makes a comprehensive companion app no matter which game you’re currently playing.

There’s a few nifty features that Pokémon fans are going to love about this app. For instance, the tracking feature that allows you to track what Pokémon you’ve already captured — including whether or not you’ve captured their shiny variants.

There’s also a Type Calculator which helps you compare Pokémon strengths and weaknesses to build the best team composition possible. You can select between Single Types and Dual Types, and the app will let you know how effective your attack will be.

Just for fun, there’s even a daily quiz to see if you can guess the Pokémon solely based on their silhouettes. As the developer put it, “I think fans of the anime will enjoy this a lot.”

Although Ketchup is a free app, it only shows information for the original 151 creatures unless you purchase Ketchup+. Ketchup+ unlocks all of the Pokémon for only $9.99 — or even $19.99 if you’re feeling generous. Since the app was created as a passion project, this is a great way to support the developer in exchange for a great service.

You can check out Ketchup now on the Apple App Store.

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