Taipei Game Show 2024: Aniplex Presents Two Visually Stunning Games, Venture to the Vile & Hookah Haze

Aniplex Inc, a Japanese animation and games company, will be presenting two visually stunning games at Taipei Game Show 2024 this 25th to 28th January 2024 — Venture to the Vile and Hookah Haze.

Venture to the Vile is a spooky 2.5D Metroidvania developed by Studio Cut to Bits, set in the strange town of Rainybrook which has been overrun by a mysterious entity known as the Vile. Absorb the Vile’s powers, fight your way through treacherous grounds that were once your home. Will you save the town and find your missing friend Ella — or will you give in to the monster you’ve become?

Fans of Metroidvania games will enjoy solving puzzles, unlocking new abilities, and helping the strange inhabitants of this world with their requests. Unique day/night cycles and dynamic in-game weather adds a whole new layer of content to be discovered, as certain settings and side quests can only be unlocked in certain conditions!

Developed by an all-woman team at ACQUIRE Corp., Hookah Haze is a visual novel that follows protagonist Toru Sumiki who loses the will to live after being diagnosed with a fatal illness. At his doctor’s insistence, he attempts to make the most of his time left and starts a job as the manager of a hookah lounge. There, he meets three unique girls with cheerful facades that belie problems and past trauma within.

In the dimly lit room of the hookah lounge, build deep relationships with a loveable cast of characters and master the basics of hookah preparation. Develop your own unique house blends of hookah by experimenting with preparation methods, and even attract different customers to your hookah lounge by updating your social media!

For more from ACQUIRE Corp. at Taipei Game Show 2024, read our article about their stage event and other games being showcased on the convention floor.

For more information about both games, visit the Aniplex Inc. Steam page here.

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