Magic The Gathering: Hour of Devastation Media Preview

“Neither the false God-Pharaoh nor his bugs will decide our fate.”

“If you believe the God-Pharaoh tests you, charge with me to prove yourself. If you believe he betrayed us all, join with me to fight for tomorrow!”

-Samut, former Tah-crop initiate


Recently The Magic Rain had attended the Media Preview of the much anticipated Hour of Devastation, which is a follow up set of the Amonkhet block. It was a great experience for an extremely amateur player like myself, who’d just started playing recently. We were presented with various information and I have to say, I’ve never felt so thrilled just by knowing what direction the story line of this set is taking. While I could go on and on about what’s so interesting about the plot of the story line, but I’ll just summarise it briefly for now.

The return of God-Pharaoh is nearing and four hours of observation will take place, the people eagerly awaiting his arrival on the fifth hour. As it turns out, their promised ‘paradise’ wasn’t exactly what anyone had in mind. As their utmost faith in God-Pharaoh begin to waver, Nicol Bolas swoops in to claim his perfect Zombie Army, otherwise known as the Eternals.

What does this set really have to offer? Well, that’s a good question! This set will be introducing two new planeswalker cards. It possesses 199 cards and was released on the 14th of July, 2017.

The mechanics of this set will be as follows;


Creatures get a second chance to serve, reappearing on the battlefield as 4/4 Zombie versions of their former selves.


Creatures can cause your opponents to lose life if they become blocked.


Creatures stay tapped for an extra turn to unlock incredible abilities.


Two cards in one! One half can be cast from your hand and a second half can be cast from the graveyard.


A popular returning ability that lets you discard a card to draw a new one.


Cards that give you bonuses for controlling deserts or having Desert cards in your graveyard.


Don’t hesitate to join a pre-release event near you to take on the journey on this dangerous and thrilling path!

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