Anime Cosplay Food Carnival 2.0 Fills Hearts & Stomachs At J’s Gate Dining

Anime Cosplay Food Carnival returned for its second year at J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10 Bukit Bintang on 18th and 19th March 2023. Known for their limited-edition meals and desserts inspired by popular anime titles, the event expanded to include eleven participating outlets and eleven unique cosplayer appearances this year.

The meals included the Kamehame Burger from Pasadena Burger; Rin’s Curry Ramen from Kakigoya; Pochi-Bun from Old Hands Cafeteria; Gotoubun Sister’s Ramen Set from Mitsuyado Ramen; Toman’s Konamono from Osaka Kitchen; Chidori Blue Ramen from Kagura Tokyo Chicken Ramen; Uzumaki’s Creamy Curry Udon from Ichiyutei; New Genesis from Marion Crepes; Pannda Cotta from Kushi Panda; SxF Seafood Don from UmiHiko Seafood; and the Nezu Cake Set from Chasen Kyoto.

With the success of the previous year, the event also grew from one floor to two floors this year. While Level 4 focused on the event’s main highlight of food and drinks, Level 3 featured more attractions in the form of stage activities, cosplayer booths, and a doujin alley.

Our personal highlights were the Speed Eating Competition on Day 1 and the Cosplay Competition on Day 2. The former posed a massive challenge to contestants as they raced to finish eating huge amounts of ramen, burgers, and fishball skewers sponsored by Mitsuyado Ramen, Pasadena Burger, and Kushi Panda respectively.

Meanwhile, the Cosplay Competition judged by Rikka Blurhound and Dovaッ豆花 was both entertaining and eye-catching. The contestants covered a wide range of characters and franchises, including popular titles like Genshin Impact and VALORANT, but also unexpected picks like Soul Eater and even BoBoiBoy. Interestingly enough, it was also the BoBoiBoy cosplayer who walked away with the RM1,000 cash prize that day!

Of course, we can’t forget the exciting stage performances! We saw plenty of familiar and talented performers on stage that weekend, including Sarah in a Snowstorm, MayXX MuXXic, Nymphie Official, DJ Taka Kazuki, and more. The atmosphere felt livelier each time they graced the stage with their head-bopping musical performances.

All in all, Anime Cosplay Food Carnival 2.0 was a unique event that we’d love to see happen again. We also hope this year’s success encourages the organisers to expand to another floor and give attendees more room to move around, as it’s clear that the ACG community definitely enjoyed this event as much as we did.

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