Cos-Mic @ Sunway Clio Exhibition Centre: A Small Event of Galactic Proportions

A week has come and gone since last weekend, and yet it still is on a lot of people’s minds.

I am of course referring to Cos-Mic, which took place on 25th of June at Sunway Clio Exhibition Centre. While it only lasted a day with the unfortunate cancellation of Day 2, the response and support of the event was so great, it might have been Sunway’s most popular event in recent memory!

So what was there at Cos-Mic? Let’s take a look!


There were lots of exhibitors at the event, focusing on different interests and activities, from the dart blasters of Monkee Mods and the VAR booth providing an awesome virtual reality experience, to the custom keyboard builds by MKB.

Not to mention, Ernest Ng from the famous web-comic “Bro, don’t like that la bro”, had his own booth with some neat stuff on display, as well as an entire area dedicated to trading card games, courtesy of Cards & Hobbies.


There were no shortage of creators there, and their doujin booths came out in full force, with every type of merchandise being sold under the sun, including fanart, keychains, badges, and even a booth selling dollhouse furniture! In total, there were more than 80 doujin booths, each booth having something for everyone.


Cosplay enthusiasts and fans were not shafted, as there was an entire hall dedicated to several cosplayer booths, as well as photo boards and open spaces for visitors to take photos. The lineup included several well-known names such as Ellemonade and Rina, Carol & Iris, Josette, Pudds and many more, encompassing around 20 booths in total. This gave everyone a fix of their favourite cosplayer, and maybe even helped them to make new fans and friends.


While the Day 2 schedule was unfortunately cancelled, Day 1 was still jam-packed full of exciting content delivered by emcees Aiman and Kim, such as a panel by Ernest Ng and an eating competition brought to us by Nando’s. Not forgetting everyone’s favourite cosplay competition, which was won by AJ Law, with cosplayers Zainal Haziq and Izzat Desu coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Near the end of the day, there was also a banger concert performance to get everyone amped up to close off Day 1.


Although the fun was cut short, the event could be considered a rousing success in terms of traffic, as more than 18,000 people ground Sunway to a near halt to come be part of the event. The organizers certainly weren’t expecting this, and our hope is that when Cos-Mic 2023 happens, everyone gets to have a good time again.

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