5 Easter Eggs in Genshin Impact That You Might Have Missed

Genshin Impact is one of the world’s biggest open-world RPGs right now, and with good reason. The game is filled with lush landscapes and exciting quests that invite players to explore every nook and cranny of the world of Teyvat. However, the game also contains many hidden features that many casual players might have missed at first glance.

In the spirit of Easter Sunday, let’s have a look at some of these easter eggs:

1. Hidden Achievements

Genshin Impact rewards players with primogems and namecard styles for completing achievements, many of which can be accessed under the Achievements tab. However, the game also has plenty of hidden achievements whose requirements are only revealed to the player once they’ve been completed. Some of these include:

  • You Could Hear Paimon All Along, Couldn’t You?: To unlock this achievement, simply open up your menu and click on Settings. Head into the audio tab and keep adjusting your dialogue volume level until the notification pops up.
  • Force Field Erosion: Use a Pyro character to break one of the Electro Hypotasis’s barrier pillars.
  • Fantastic Four: Complete a domain using a team of four characters who all have the same element.
  • It’s the Same as Having Wings: Glide for up to 80 seconds. You can achieve this by gliding long distances while consuming stamina-raising food items mid-flight, such as Northern Smoked Chicken.
V1.4 Guide] Hidden Achievement : Force Field Erosion - Genshin Impact -  Official Community
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Of course, these are just a few of the hidden achievements you’ll be able to find in the game. Keep looking around and try out any new strategy you can think of–no matter how crazy it might sound!

2. Bloodstained Chevalier

If you’re new to the game or just find it hard to acquire certain high-level items for your characters, this trick might just come in handy. First, you’ll need to travel to the Favonius Cathedral in Mondstadt, where you’ll find an NPC named Victoria. By selecting the third dialogue option (“Is there anywhere good to go in Mondstadt?”) players will be rewarded with a random item from the four-star Bloodstained Chevalier set.

r/GenshinImpactTips - FREE Bloodstained Chivalry artifact(Talk to nun and ask 3rd dialogue)
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3. Heart Island

As the name might suggest, Heart Island is a secluded island located off the coast of Yaoguang Shoal, marked by a signature stone heart. The easiest way to get to Heart Island is by equipping a Cryo character such as Kaeya or Ganyu, who can create ice bridges for you to walk across.

Image source: Hoyolab

Besides its heart-shaped landmark, the island also contains an Anemoculus and a unique Luxurious Chest which can only be triggered in co-op mode, so you’ll want to bring a friend along for this one.

4. Free Mora

If you ever find yourself short on Mora, you can earn 200,000 Mora by travelling to the Northland Bank in Liyue, which is marked on the map with a diamond icon. Walk around until you encounter an NPC named Nadia, who guards the entrance to the bank. Next, make your way inside the building and take the staircase on the right. Once you reach the the top of the stairs, you’ll be able to collect your bounty from the Precious Chest in front of you.

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5. Hidden Vendors

Need a particular item to finish a quest or upgrade a character, but can’t find it sold in stores? Try looking for some of Genshin Impact’s hidden vendors. These shopkeepers usually aren’t marked on the map, but their wares are still worth checking out. Some hidden vendors include:

  • Chloris: This NPC can be found during the daytime in Windrise, and appears as a little girl with a blue dress and a large backpack. She mainly sells plants which can be used for character ascensions, such as Wolfhook, Valberry, and Philanemo Mushrooms.
  • Uncle Sun: This Liyue Harbor NPC only appears between 12pm to 3pm, selling seafood items such as Fish, Crab, and Shrimp Meat.
  • Charles the Bartender: Did you know that you can purchase drinks from Diluc’s bar? Speak to Charles to access his menu, which includes Apple Cider, Berry & Mint Burst, and Wolfhook Juice.
So apparently drinking laws dont apply to loli zombies : Genshin_Impact
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  • Draff the Hunter: This cat-eared NPC can usually be found in Springvale. Talking to him will occasionally result in him offering to sell you Raw Meat or Fowl.
  • Hopkins the Marvelous: Another Springvale NPC, this moustachioed man will offer to sell you Holy Water, a unique item that restores 1HP every 20 seconds. However, particularly observant players might occasionally see him refilling his stock of water from the pond in Springvale–meaning it probably isn’t as holy as everyone thinks.

Do you have any Genshin Impact easter eggs you’d like to share? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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