Codashop x Wild Rift For Special Lunar New Year Surprise!

It’s the Lunar New Year and every platform is flush with deals, deals, and more deals. Our friends at Codashop are no exception, as they’re back with not one but two special programs for all of us!

Lunar Hunt Story Campaign

The Lunar Hunt is a unique story campaign by Codashop in collaboration with Riot Games. It follows ‘The Legend of The Missing Pistols’, where players have to do missions and help Miss Fortune to recover her missing pistols. Players will have to follow Codashop’s Blog, Facebook, and Instagram as clues will be dropped regularly to help them complete the challenge.

By solving three missions and submitting the right answers to the special Lunar Hunt microsite by 28 February 2021, players get a chance to win these awesome prizes:

  • Wild Rift swag;
  • 1125 Wild Cores;
  • Exclusive Lunar Beast mobile wallpaper;    
  • Exclusive signed Wild Rift eCard; 
  • & a champion of your choice.

Lunar Gifting Event

The Codashop Lunar Gifting event is an event where Wild Rift players can gift their friends with Wild Cores from 10 to 28 February 2021. Gifters will receive bonus Poro Coins in return, which they can use to exchange for cool in-game goodies like banners, poses, and skins at the Poro Coin Store.

Here’s how you can surprise your friends:

  • Enter your friend’s Riot ID;
  • Enter your own Riot ID;
  • Select how much you want to gift;
  • Finally, your friend will receive the gift and you will receive bonus Poro coins!

Only less than a week left before both programs ends, so what are you waiting for? Visit the Lunar Hunt official microsite now to join the event!

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