Love And Deepspace Is Inspired By An Otome Game From 2017, Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

Love And Deepspace is the latest otome mobile game to take the world by storm, but did you know this isn’t the first game in the series?

Sharp eyed fans may have noticed that developers InFold have described the game as “the brand new installment of the popular Mr. Love series” in its app store description. This is actually referring to Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, a Chinese otome mobile game that released back in 2017.

In the game Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, you play as a producer for an entertainment company where your daily job involves hiring employees, producing television shows, and dealing with emergencies. Through your job, you eventually become involved with the five main characters of the game.

The five romanceable characters are the famous neuroscientist Lucien (Simon / Xǔ Mò), the resolute agent Gavin (Haku / Bái Qǐ), the demanding CEO Victor (Zen / Lǐ Zéyán), popular superstar Kiro (Kira / Zhōu QíLuò), and troublemaker student Shaw (Sho / Líng Xiào).

If those similarities weren’t enough, Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice also takes place in a fantasy setting where the five male characters have superpowers. The game also features a prominent in-game phone feature, where players can text, call, and comment on their favourite character’s online posts.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice also inspired an anime adaptation produced by studio MAPPA back in 2020. The anime, which was titled Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE in Japanese, had 12 episodes and aired from July 16th to October 1st, 2020.

The anime followed the story of a young woman who inherited her father’s production company, Miracle Entertainment, along with its most successful program, “Miracle Finder”. To save the show from being cancelled, she finds her inspiration in the form of “Evol”, a mysterious gene that grants certain people special powers and is considered the next step in human evolution.

However, as she becomes more entangled with the strange world of “Evolvers”, she also becomes tangled in the strange incidents that plague the city. Will she be able to find out the truth about the “Evol” or “Black Swan”, the organisation behind numerous attacks and may be possibly connected to her father’s death?

The anime only featured four out of five male characters, as Shaw (Sho / Líng Xiào) was only added later in the game.

What are your thoughts on the similarities? Will you be checking out the Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice series? Let us know in the comments below!

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