Are You Ready for The PUBG MY/SG Championship 2018 Finals?

I’m sure most have heard of one the world’s most popular multiplayer game, ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’. Now comes the biggest PUBG Tournament in Malaysia exclusively for Malaysian and Singaporean players, presented by Geek Events!

Finalists List. Source: Geek Events

The PUBG MY/SG Championship 2018 is an official PUBG Corp tournament featuring a RM30,000 prize pool, 4 Malaysian qualifiers, 3 invited Singaporean teams and even a Brunei qualifier. This makes for a grand total of over 80 teams and over 300 individual players from 3 different countries who will battle it out over the course of the tournament to win the prize pool. However, the prize pool isn’t the only thing the teams will be fighting for. They will battle each other to be the top 3 winners where they will be sent to Bangkok to represent their countries in another PUBG Corp Tournament with a whopping USD100,00 prize pool to be taken home by the victor.

Event Schedule. Source: Geek Event

With that being said, we hope that you guys will be able to come and witness these teams fight it out in an adrenaline pumping battle to become number one!

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