Build Your Team With Kurechii’s King’s League II

King’s League II is the latest game from Malaysian mobile game developer Kurechii, best known for their previous award-winning titles such as Odyssey and Postknights. It’s also the most recent instalment in the King’s League series, which began in 2011 as a humble free-to-play Flash game of the same name.

Available on Steam and the Apple Arcade store, the game tells the tale of the King’s League, a tournament where valiant warriors battle it out to become the next King. To know more about our thoughts on this strategic simulation RPG, read on!

A strategy in management

In King’s League II, your job is to recruit various characters and send them into battle, while also making sure they level up and become stronger as the game progresses. While it’s marketed as a strategy game, most of the strategy involved lies in planning your pre-battle setup rather than in dictating the battles themselves.

Players will have to manage their time and resources carefully in order to build a strong army. For example, while you may be tempted to train all your recruits equally at first, you will have to rethink your strategy once Epics (typically stronger storyline characters) join your party. Focusing too much on training non-Epic characters may result in a lack of resources to level up the new Epics mid-story.

On the other hand, there isn’t much strategy involved during the battle portions of the game. While you can help your team by using the characters’ special moves, you can only use one special move at a time before being hit by a cooldown that affects your entire team. If your pre-battle setup is solid, you’ll find that the battle will end before you can do much.

Surprisingly addictive gameplay

Based on its premise, I expected King’s League to be a “wash, rinse, and repeat” type of game that would lose its charm over time. However, that wasn’t the case as I found myself hooked and constantly trying new training and preparation styles each time. There are also various tasks you can indulge yourself in, so the game doesn’t feel overly repetitive.

I also really liked the game’s internal time system. Time will pass by even if you’re stagnant, so players will be kept on their toes to do as much as possible within the set time frame. The game even has a speed-up option to make training periods go by faster.

Fun visuals, simple story

King’s League II is a visually stunning game, with bright and vibrant character and even menu designs. The backgrounds are also surprisingly detailed, which gives them a very appealing look. The chosen colour palettes complement the game’s fantasy setting and helps set the tone for the adventures to come.

The storyline, however, is subpar compared to the rest of the game’s mechanics. Currently, you can choose to play as Maxwell, an impatient warrior, or Sella, a musical archer. While Maxwell’s story explores the importance of teamwork and humility, Sella’s journey revolves around truth and trust.

Both characters are also tasked with leading a team to compete in the King’s League, while also subduing a rising evil threat. While these stories aren’t bad per se, they do borrow heavily from generic fantasy RPG storylines and tropes.

Verdict: Better on Phone

While I enjoyed my time with King’s League II, as an Android user, I found myself wishing this game would be added to the Google Play Store, as its gameplay is much more suited to a handheld console rather than on PC. Limiting it to just the Apple Arcade store also limits the game’s potential audience as well.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a casual strategy game, King’s League II will definitely impress with its addictive gameplay and vibrant designs.

Review copy provided by Kurechii. King’s League II is available on Steam and the Apple Arcade store.

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