Exclusive Interview with Liliana Vampaia – AniManGaki Online 2020

In recent times, VTubers, or virtual YouTubers, have taken the world by storm, and Liliana Vampaia is no exception. A Malaysian VTuber from local agency MyHoloTV, this adorable vampire has quickly risen in the ranks as one of the nation’s fastest-growing VTubers.

Vampiric powers aside, her cheerful and bubbly persona makes her a great VTuber to watch, and she is expected to grow even more in the months to come. In conjunction with AniManGaki Online 2020 happening this 21-23 August, we had the opportunity to speak to this unique and charming online personality about her journey as a virtual YouTuber!

Disclaimer: Answers may be edited for clarity of reading and comprehension.

1. At 7.6k Youtube subscribers, you’re currently the most popular VTuber in Malaysia. How has the experience been so far?

Everything seems surreal to Lili because of the unconditional constant love and support from everyone all over the world. There are still lots of things that Lili can improve on and Lili is glad to be able to grow with all of you.

2. When did you first decide you wanted to be a VTuber?

The thought of becoming a VTuber actually passed through Lili’s mind a few months ago. A VTuber’s stream was recommended to Lili suddenly while she was watching YouTube videos. Lili was amazed from how cool they are to portray an anime character while interacting with the audience with so much energy. Thus, Lili became determined to become a VTuber!

3. Do you think you’ll be getting any new kouhais at MyHoloTV soon?

Yes, definitely but Lili is not exactly sure how many there will be. Keep a look out on MyHoloTV’s Facebook page for an official announcement before the end of this year!

4. What is your favourite game genre and why?

Lili actually likes story-based games because Lili can enjoy the storyline and the games’ artworks. Also, sometimes Lili enjoys simulation games because they are relaxing. No pressure to win (because Lili is bad at winning, especially in survival games).

5. What is your favourite thing about Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the most unique countries in the world with a huge diversity of food, culture and language. One of Lili’s favourite things is Nasi Lemak!

6. Who are some VTubers that you look up to as a role model?

Lili always watches Hololive VTubers. Lili looks up to all of them, especially the three Indonesian Hololive idols, Moona, Iofi and Risu, because they are so close to home (as in, like, compared to Japan, they are much closer to Malaysia). Being close to home makes them sound more realistic and gives Lili hope and motivation to reach for the stars like them.

7. What would you say to somebody who doesn’t know what Vtubers are?

Head on to Lili’s channel and watch a few vids. You’ll know what VTubers are then. Oh and also do subscribe to Lili ~heeeheheh~

Jokes aside, VTubers are virtual YouTubers! Those who like anime will likely enjoy watching VTubers as well because VTubers are similar to anime characters who can also interact with their audience.

8. Do you have any advice for VTubers who want to be just like you?

Be your own unique version of yourself. That is what gives the VTubing world more variety and thus adds more fun to the experience!

Other than that, know your goal. Then work your way up to achieve it. If your goal is too general, make it more specific. It makes it easier because it makes you more focused!

9. Last question – Can you tell us how to prepare your favourite tomato juice?

First prepare a glass for the tomato juisu. Fill it up with 5 cubes of ice. Too much ice will water down the juisu and that’s no good! Squeeze two to three tomatoes from Lili’s backyard. Make sure you get the ones who are screaming. The louder the scream, the fresher it is! Mash ’em up if they do not stop screaming. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar for taste and voila! Oh and do clean up the crime sce- uhm kitchen once done!

We’d like to thank Liliana Vampaia for the interview! Be sure to catch her in action by tuning in to her segment at AniManGaki Online 2020 from 8.30pm to 9pm on the 23rd of August.

If you’d like to see more of Lili, be sure to follow her on her social media accounts:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHz3PeU1RRcY9vJDSqsigIA/featured

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Liliana-Vampaia-%E5%90%B8%E8%A1%80%E9%AC%BC-%E3%83%AA%E3%83%AA%E3%82%A2%E3%83%8A-101526338249073/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lilianavampaia

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