What Is Your Greatest Fear? – Cosplay Commuter at AMG-Chan 2019

Being in the ACG community has always been about the freedom of self-expression. Here, you can be whoever you want to be, and we find ourselves continuously inspired by people who take it to the highest level. From cosplayers who build stunning props and outfits from scratch, to e-sports teams who dedicate time and effort to become the very best.

But this doesn’t just apply to those under the spotlight. Every single day, members of this community are rising up to face their fears. Whether it is tangible or just in your head, everybody has their own battles to overcome – and there is nothing more admirable than those who fight the good fight.

We wanted to help spread the good vibes by encouraging the community to share their deepest fears, and ask others to share their advice in return! At AMG-Chan 2019, we saw this culminate in an outpouring of positivity that blew us away.

Today, we want to share some of our favourites with you. Check them out below – and let us know which one you liked best in the comments!

Being called ugly for the character cosplayed

  • Don’t let those words get to you easily! Cosplay is not about looks, but it’s about having fun! What I do is that I strive to become better and practice! Don’t give up, and prove those people wrong! Gambatte!
  • As long as you’re happy about it, and love them. Who cares about what people say! As long as you’re happy!

Not fit to cosplay

  • Your physical appearance doesn’t define how much your love cosplay! Your effort and your will do! Stand still before the hate! Live for what you love and never give up! P.s. Don’t worry. I got your back!

Sexually Harassed

  • Kick ‘em in the balls! But for real, tell someone you trust because being silent hurts.

Being Alone

  • Never be afraid of leaving. You are not alone. You have everyone by your side. Your precious friends and family. Days might be dark, but they will help you walk through the darkness.

Not being enough, Not good enough, Not skinny enough, Not tall enough, Not pretty enough

  • You are perfect the way you are. Now chin up! Don’t be scared. Throw your insecurity and look up to the sky. You are perfect just the way you are right now!

Growing Old

  • Age is just a figure. As long as your heart stays young and positive, you would not feel old but mature and wiser.

Losing in a race, Losing someone I love, Losing everything I had, Making someone feel disappointed with me. TL:DR Basically Losing

  • To lose something is to gain something else. Failure can only bring success if you learn from it. Don’t be afraid of failing 🙂

But among them all, we think this one was our favourite…


  • Flame thrower

Jokes aside, we hope you liked the submissions! If you have your own thoughts & advice to share, you’ll have a chance very soon! Find us at booth C36 at TAGCC 2019 this 22-23 July 2019 to join the ride.

Not only will we be spreading the love, there’s also Cosplay Commuter merchandise, spin the wheel prizes, free to play video games, boardgames, and trading card games & more!

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