Top 15 Games That We Can’t Wait to Play from E3 2019

E3 is like Christmas Eve to all gamers around the world – awaiting to see the gifts that they would happily fork out over a thousand bucks for by the end of the year. And this year is no different at all. Sure, this year’s E3 was pretty underwhelming with not as much exciting announcements but there are still a huge number of games that we just can’t wait to get our hands on. So, here’s our list of the Top 15 Games That We Can’t Wait To Play from E3 2019.

Disclaimer: This list is not placed in any particular order, so no hate!

1. Bleeding Edge

Source: F.D. Meo. (2019) WCCFTECH. Available at:

If you love online team-based competitive games like Overwatch, you’d love Bleeding Edge. However, this Ninja Theory game is a 3rd person melee 4v4, so it’s different, kinda. The game will feature a highly stylized action game with unique characters that look a whole lot fun to play. Bleeding Edge’s technical alpha comes on 27th June and be sure to sign up from their website if you’re game!

2. Minecraft: Dungeons

Source: J. Conditt (2019) engadget. Available at:

I’m quite excited about this one. A 4 player co-op dungeon crawler Minecraft game that brings in intensive RPG elements. They’re bringing in new weapons, items and enemies that aren’t in vanilla Minecraft. Minecrafts: Dungeons is coming out Spring 2020 on PC, so that gives you plenty of time to find friends that you can play with or just friends in general!

3. 12 Minutes

Source: (2019) Gamer Roof. Available at:

Literal chills when I was watching this trailer (no, it’s not because the AC was on). This top down game features a man that has only 12 minutes to save his wife from getting caught by an ominous villain. Despite each run through only being 12 minutes, there are lots of story that I just can’t wait to discover. 12 Minutes doesn’t have a specific release date but will be released some time in 2020 on PC and Xbox One.

4. Way to the Woods

Source: J. Winslow (2019) GameSpot. Available at:

An absolute charming looking game, all made by one man. From what the trailer shows, you seem to be in a post-apocalyptic city and as the deer, you’re adventuring around the city with a fawn. To me, it’s pretty much Last Of Us but deer, with no guns, no mushroom people, and people who look like they haven’t taken a shower for years. But hey, at least you can ram stuff and that’s cool. Way to the Woods is coming soon in 2020 and I can’t wait to play this beauty of a game to death.

5. Psychonauts 2

Source: J. Aslett (2019) PSLS. Available at:

For so long, Psychonauts fans have been aching to have its sequel released. Now we’re one step closer to playing the continuation of one of the greatest game we have longed for years, with maps looking way trippier than before. Psychonauts 2 is to be released some time in 2020 on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch.

6. Cyberpunk 2077

Source: C. Stevens (2019) IGN. Available at:

KEANU REEVES. Need I say more? The world’s coolest man is now in the world’s coolest looking game. The trailer showed us that your character carries a chip that allows you to have Johnny Silverhand (so friggin cyber) inside your brain and you’ll be seeing him loads throughout the game, something I’d never complain. Keanu Reeves in this game, is pretty much Cortana from Halo but jabbed with a box filled with steroids. Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on 16th April 2020 on all platforms besides Nintendo Switch.

7. Halo Infinite

Source: D. Irwin (2019) Rock Paper Shotgun. Available at:

I could be speaking about how excited I am for this game for hours, but I’m going to keep it brief. This is it Chief, I want it now, I don’t want to wait another year and a half. Release date is Holiday 2020 on Xbox Scarlett and PC.

8. Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Source: (2019) Microsoft. Available at:

Jon Bernthal, the Punisher himself came on stage to announce his character’s trailer during E3. During E3 itself, there wasn’t anything new at all but the gameplay trailer that came out on May showcased an in-depth healing system, camouflage, tactics and team dynamics. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out on 4th October 2019 on all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

9. Watch Dogs Legion

Source: J. Wani (2019) OTAKUKART. Available at:

Set in a dystopian London where everyone is ruled by fear,  you play as multiple Dedsec members that each have a unique name and voice acting. Permadeath can also happen in this game. You can recruit members that have their own set of skills, for example, in the gameplay, it showcases that you can play as an elderly lady that uses a spider drone to infiltrate, though fighting like an old lady. I’m keeping my expectations in check for this one as it seems too ambitious for its own good. Watch Dogs Legion will be out on 6th March 2020 on all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

10. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Source: A. Whalen (2019) Newsweek. Available at:

Finally more cutscenes and gameplay of this ridiculously hyped remake of the classic. We’re seeing Cloud, Barret, Aerith and Tifa in action kicking ass in this new fighting system that looks pretty similar to FF15. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will release on 3rd March 2020 as a PS4 Exclusive.

11. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Source: M. Byrd (2019) Den of Geek!. Available at:

I have waited for this day for so long. For Final Fantasy 8 to get some limelight and have a remastered themselves. It may not have the ultra HD CG cutscenes that FF7 Remake might have, but it’s a sure sight to see how our super polygon characters transform from the original FF8 to glorious 1080P. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered will be released some time this year on all platforms and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

12. Breath of the Wild 2

One of the Switch’s best selling game comes back with a sequel that looks to feature co-op elements between Zelda and Link. Not much has been revealed as of yet, but we will just have to wait and see what new elements this sequel would bring. Release date has not been shown at all, but it’s definitely a Switch exclusive.

13. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Source: J. Conditt (2019) engadget. Available at:

A brand new Luigi’s Mansion out for the Switch soon. It looks incredible and hell lots of fun. With the newest character, a gooey version of Luigi, simply named, Gooigi and Luigi himself will explore the mansion, hunt ghosts and discover something new. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming out some time this year as a Switch exclusive.

14. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Source: (2019) Nintendo. Available at:

If you don’t have a Switch by the end of the year, you either are super ignorant or you’re really broke, either way I pity you. But yes, an Animal Crossing game to meet furry friends and do chores for them is on its way! Well, you know, the usual Animal Crossing stuff.

15. No More Heroes 3

Source: J. Lovett (2019) comicbook. Available at:

Travis Touchdown is back again with his total nonsensical, foulmouthed and ruthless ways of being an assassin/hero. Nothing much was revealed, but it really showcased the advancement of the graphics since the previous iteration. No More Heroes 3 will be out sometime in 2020 and seems to be a Switch exclusive.

And that’s all of it! There are so many more games that we could talk about, but then this article would take forever to be done. Did you agree with our list? What game release are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below on which games you would want to be in this list!

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