Cosers Confess: Male cosplayers are under-appreciated

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Dear The Magic Rain,

Male cosplayers need the same amount of love and affection too. Oftentimes they’re left out. What are your thoughts and opinions on this issue?



Dear MCos,

I do agree with you that male cosplayers should receive the same amount of love and support from other cosplayers out there. I think the reason why they are often pushed aside is because the cosplay community is biased towards girls and oftentimes, girls are sexualised… that is the truth. Looking around, you can see that females make up the general population of the cosplay community whereas for photographers, we have more males.

Even in anime, you’d see more females than males. For instance, the presence of harems that one can always find in anime where the ratio is  one male to ten females. Sadly, it’s also the reason why girls who show more skin are more popular… It’s because most of their fans are males (occasionally girls who likes skin too haha). Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just the way the world is whether you like it or not.

Besides that, to cosplay, one would have to learn how to groom themselves with makeup/wig-styling/contact lens, etc to look like their character. Not many guys are open to that. In fact, there’s a strong stigma towards males who do this as many are criticized for wearing makeup as it is such a “girly” thing to do. Which is ironic because I don’t think people realize that even their masculine movie actors wear makeup, even Kpop stars. So how is it wrong for the males in the cosplay community to wear it too? At the end of the day, It’s just a matter of mindset.

Going back to the main topic, yes, male cosplayers are under-appreciated, and we should appreciate them more. Moreover, there is hardly any male cosplayers around. So if you see a male cosplayer, give them your support. By doing so, maybe more male cosplayers would be willing to join the fun!

Ms. Scrumptious

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