Cosers Confess: I Feel Lonely at Events

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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

I have some friends who can be quite sensitive at times and I can’t really cope with them. To describe it simply, they are the ones who never enter the venue and just stay outside to have fun with their other friends that I don’t mix with. Of course, I’ve wondered what use it was to go to an event if all you do is go and mix with other people without fully enjoying the benefits given from attending the event. But it’s not my issue, so I don’t say anything about it. I just felt left out when a few other friends who normally join me for doujin booth shopping can’t attend. I end up enjoying things alone.

There hasn’t been trouble lately but it seems that they (my event goer friends) are annoyed by it? Like when I ask how I should go to the venue, one of them would say, “Why not ask xxxx to fetch you, she can drive cant she?”, and I’m not sure if it’s just their personality but one of them also tends to throw tantrums at me as if I’ve ffked them? Does that even count as ffk? She doesn’t even call me so I assume that they are happier off with their gang. ? What should I do? Leave it as it is or try to talk to them about it? I’ve thought of option 2 quite frequently but I’m afraid they’ll hate me for it. Please help keep this one low. I’m afraid they might be able to tell who it was that submitted this. ><



Dear Event-goer,

I know a lot of people who’d go to an event just to stand outside and chat. But to me, that’s not an issue because everyone goes to an event for various reasons. To some, an event may be a place of social gathering (hence, they stay outside just to chat with other cosers/photogs). Some may even go to an event just to see performances or to see cosplay guests and judges etc.

I think what you should do is to just let your friends know that you’re going to go see the doujin booths. “Jio” them along just to make sure that you don’t leave them out and also because it’s a sign of courtesy (it’s a nice thing to do so why not) . If they say “No thanks” just let them know you’ll see them again later. To be honest, I don’t think this is a big issue. It’s a very minor one. However, I don’t quite get your “should I go to the venue…fetch” sentence. Are you relying on friends to fetch you to an event that they do not want to go to? If so, maybe try uber/grabcar or use the LRT to go there by yourself. It’s okay to go to an event alone and enjoy it yourself. It may be lonely at first, but you’ll make friends along the way. There are lots of new people at events for you to make friends with.

If your friends are mad at you for not telling them that you’re going to an event, just post a status on Facebook like many cosers/event goers to let other people know that you’re going. Quite simple and efficient. Saves you the drama. Also, find better friends yo. If they get mad over small issues like this. I’d say your friends aren’t really the crowd that you should mix with. Goodluck!

Ms. Scrumptious.

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